Ames True Temper Real Tools For Kids Round Point Shovel With 36-Inch Handle KSM (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

Ames Real Tools For Kids Shovel W/ Handle Kids can now help you in the gardening chores with the durable Ames Real Tools For Kids Shovel W/ Handle that is designed for an easy use. Gardening can certainly be considered as one of the most rewarding and stress-relieving hobbies. However, to be a good gardener, one needs to possess some essential items such as hoes, shovels & pitchforks. These common garden tools are indispensable and a must-have for every garden enthusiast. So, if you too are looking to purchase them, then pick one from our collection! These hoes, shovels & pitchforks are perfectly designed to offer durability, great functionality as well as ease of use. Product Features: Tool head and handle are kid sized for comfort and ease of use. It has a lacquered hardwood handle that won’t splinter. Comes with a sturdy steel head.

From the Manufacturer

All gardening tools are not created equal. And what you really need is not only the right tool for the right job, but also something that’s right for you too. Smaller and lighter tools for smaller hands. Ergonomic tools designed to reduce stress on the back, muscles and joints. Rugged tools for the professional user. Even lil’ (but always genuine) tools for your lil’ helpers.

Customer Reviews

great real tools, for a non-kid ~ reviewed by B. Adams

I have had a Real Tool set of shovel, rake, hoe and leaf rake for about eight years, and normally, I wouldn’t bother to review a tool, except that I use a wheelchair, and love to garden. These tools are lighter, slightly smaller, and infinitely more comfortable to use than full size tools. I love them, and have to guard against my Dad taking the shovel off to work on the farm, when I am in need of it. He likes it better than his own full size shovels. These things are made just like the full sized tools, just as heavy duty, and I can tell you that I probably wouldn’t be gardening without them. It was and is a case of love at first use. I only wish that the edger, which used to be available, was, still available. Alas, I haven’t found it yet. And I also wish that a flat spade was available. Excellent tools. I highly recommend them.

Great size for kids, seems tough, but had some paint chipping ~ reviewed by Sail Away

My daughter (age 5) loves to help me plant things and work around the yard. As a reward for all of her help, I wanted to buy her a shovel to help with future plantings.

Due to her age, obviously a full-size shovel is too heavy. Your local big-box stores have kids shovels, but they feel like toys which will break in no time at all. After doing a little research and reading the reviews on this shovel, I took a chance on it.

It arrived very quickly and does seem very well made. It feels like I hoped it would feel — just like a full-size shovel in terms of construction and “feel”, but on a smaller scale for children. The wood handle is high quality and the shovel blade seems to be of good quality metal.

The only negative I can give it is this — our shovel blade had 3 or 4 good size paint chips on it when it arrived. These spots would rust quickly. Luckily, I happened to have a can of red spray paint which matches the color perfectly. So, I simply painted over these areas with that paint! Now, my daughter is all set to join me in the garden!

good, sturdy shovel ~ reviewed by lbd

We bought this shovel for our 3 year old who loves working in the yard. It’s light enough for him to pick up and use, and a huge step-up from the plastic yard tools in terms of sturdiness. Highly recommend this shovel!

strong, sturdy, kid friendly ~ reviewed by Eva Bogard

An excellent tool that every family can use in the garden and at the beach.

Good buy ~ reviewed by Sevvie

Bought one for each of my nephews so they could help their dad out in the yard. The children’s shovels I found in stores were plastic and didn’t do any real work. These are appropriately sized, sturdy, and are working out perfectly.

Very good quality ~ reviewed by M.Clifford

I was trying to find decent gardening tools for a 9 year old family member and bought the three different tools from these folks: shovel, hoe and rake. I spent a long time trying to find some that were well made and not for very young children. I discovered that England has beautiful, serious gardening tools for children but could not find the same quality here in the states. So, far these have worked out beautifully. “Just like gardening tools for adults, only smaller.”

Kid’s shovel ~ reviewed by Marsha D Howes

My grandson loves to shovel in his dirt pile and this one fills the bill. He is a big kid for a 3 year old so it is perfect. May not be suitable for children not as strong or big.

cute but not very durable ~ reviewed by Sarah K-C

this shovel is adorable, and just the right size for little kids who want to help in the garden, but after a while force from normal digging stripped the hole in the wood where the ONE short screw held the handle to the neck of the shovel. We glued it in & rotated the dowel and attached it again, but this continued to occur until there was no structural integrity left to the handle. Too bad there wasn’t a bit more thought put into the attachment.
This shovel would probably be fine for your child if you know you’re only going to use in in pre-tilled, soft soil.

Great little shovel ~ reviewed by SK

This is a great little shovel for the younger kids. I make a mud pit for my grandkids every summer and its there favorite part of the visit. All they want to do is dig, dig and dig with their shovels. I have 4 of these shovels for the kids and they work well year after year.

Perfect for my grandchildren ~ reviewed by M. Murphy

I wanted real tools for my grandchildren, and these were a perfect Easter gift. I actually would like to have one of the little shovels for myself, to use in my flower beds.Buy it at Amazon

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