Ames True Temper HDP38 Steppin’ Edger for Sidewalks and Driveways Reviews

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Product Description

Ames hdp38 steppin-feet edger for sidewalks and driveways

Customer Reviews

Best Edger Solution I Have Found ~ reviewed by Bob C

The HDP38 Steppin’ Edger is the best overall solution for edging my driveway and sidewalks that I have found. I have tried a string trimmer/edger and have used two different blade-style edgers, all powered by little 2-cycle gas engines. The most recent one was a Weed Eater PE550. My lawn is St. Augustine, which propagates by runners called rhizomes that spread out over the concrete and are very tough to cut. I have about 300′ of driveway and sidewalk to edge. I also have sprinkler heads buried every 10′ or so along this length.

Problems with other solutions:
2-cycle gas engines – forever had problems getting the stupid things to start – especially in the spring
String trimmer – difficult to “aim” accurately, didn’t cut the rhizomes all that well, the concrete ate up line at a ferocious pace
Blade trimmers – ate up sprinkler heads unless I was VERY careful, still lost sprinkler heads, difficult to control when the wheels got clogged up with mud and cuttings

Steppin’ Edger
Neither fun to use nor easy to use, but it also has none of the problems mentioned above. Takes about 1 1/2 hours to do the 300′. Call it 3′ per minute. The blade edgers were faster, but not by all that much. The blade edgers were less work, but again not by all that much.

Sturdy construction. I weigh 200lbs and nothing has bent out of shape. Can be used equally well with either foot. Works surprisingly well on curved edges. My sidewalk has a 90 deg bend in it with maybe a 4′ radius on the inside edge and a 6′ radius on the outside edge. Worked well on both curves.

The blade was quite dull on delivery. I had to put a decent edge on it using a bench grinder before it would cut the rhizomes. Will require frequent resharpening; maybe every second or third use.

Fun & Functional at the same time! ~ reviewed by Lisa

Soil: Sandy FL soil with 3 yrs of overgrown grass, clover ground cover, weeds, crabgrass etc – there’s a mishmash of plant matter in my yard and this was able to pound right through everything, although the crabgrass was a bit argumentative – I won in the end though! :o)

Once you get the hang of this to take small steps with a nice heel-to-toe walking motion then you’ll be golden. This gives a really nice clean edge. It is work though – I can see where lighter weight individuals might have an issue especially if they’ve got tougher grass to contend with. I used this on plain dry grass and it worked perfectly. I love the fact that I can get a bit of exercise with this, and not pollute the air with either nasty fumes or loud obnoxious engine noises that other types of edgers have.

If you don’t mind a bit of physical work and you don’t have miles of lawn to tend to, this is a perfect choice. If you’ve got more than a half acre worth of trimming to do you might want to go with something with an engine just due to the time factor but I still think that compared to all the prep/follow up time required for gas or electric edgers, that this is still pretty darn time efficient.

Worked great…..BUT cutting edge a little flimsy…..bent on 1st use. ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

The thinnest piece of metal is the cutting edge and this bent on first use. (Just a nickle plated piece of sheet metal not a piece of tool steel) I weigh 230# and used this to edge concrete sidewalk and driveway. Probably not an issue if edging a garden/grass border. Clean cut does not pulverize grass/dirt like a string trimmer or conventional bladed edger, making clean-up much easier….less crumbs to sweep.

Concept is better than half moon edgers of my youth, fast and simple BUT the thin blade is not as sturdy as those half moon edgers. If the cutting edge was as thick as the foot pedal there would have been no issue…the weakest link is the blade. I have a shop and a vise and was able to correct the bent metal edge(mostly) and will keep the unit.

Double the thickness of the cutting edge, use tool steel, or at least match the thickness of those old half moon edgers and this device would be ideal!

It does the job ~ reviewed by Linda

Sharp, easy to use – and I’m 66 years old. I have a gas edger that works well around the pavement, but this lets me sharpen up the edges of the flower beds. Can’t find them in stores. Wonder why not. Anyway, you had it, I got it, I love it.

Great innovative design for manual edger–much better than traditional type ~ reviewed by Keith M

I used one of these several years ago at a friend’s house, and I realized that when I needed an edger for my place, this would be the exact kind I’d buy. It works perfectly. The big difference compared to the traditional step-on spade type is that as you roll your foot forward, the blade cuts in a little at a time. This gives more downward force at the place cutting in at that moment, more control over the direction of the cut (as in trying to keep the edge cut straight or otherwise following a curve), and less need to plunge all your weight onto the tool at once, which puts less stress on your foot and leg, making it less tiring to use. Easy to use after just a little practice.

great edger ~ reviewed by Gardenwitch

Easy to place, step on and it cuts well…use it to clean up the edges of strawberry groundcover and shrub edges in clover yard. Built of metal and is solid.

Environmentally Friendly Edger ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This handy little tool does just as it says it will – enables edging the lawn without gas or electricity. It takes weight but not muscle. I weigh enough, but notice that when either or both of my two little grandsons help, it really is a help. I don’t want to weigh more, but in this case it would help a bit. LOL

I love this tool! Good value, well made.

Ames HDP38 Edger ~ reviewed by Striker24

Man is this edger awesome!!! I can’t believe how sharp the blade is on this edger. I edged both sides of my 30ft driveway in less than 30 minutes. The edger is very easy to use and it cuts through the grass and dirt like butter. It comes with a rubber blade protector also.
I would recommend this edger to anyone looking for a tool that I believe will do a better job than an electric or gas edger. It might take a little longer than a gas or electric edger but you don’t have to worry about it kicking up stones or pieces of your driveway/sidewalk into your face either. It is a simple line up the edger, step on it rocking from back to front and voila, you have a very clean nice edge.

LUV this edger ~ reviewed by Danielle DeGrace

Easy to use and does an excellent job without being too heavy (in the case of a battery powered edger) or needing an electrical cord. Highly recommended.

works like a charm ~ reviewed by wolfie

the design of this tool couldn’t be much better, it is heavy duty and did an amazing job of edging that was long long over dueBuy it at Amazon

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