Ames True Temper HDP33 Hound Dog Lawn & Garden Bulb Planter – Quantity 4 Reviews

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Product Description

Hound Dog, Lawn & Garden Bulb Planter, Dig Precise Holes For Planting Bulbs & Bedding Plants, Easy Soil Release Keeps Dirt Plug In 1 Piece For Quick Covering Of Newly Planted Bulbs, No Bending, Accurate & Consistent Planting, Great For Transplanting.

Customer Reviews

Cheap Handle ~ reviewed by Alan Grupe

The planter is well constructed, except for the thin plastic handle. The handle cracked, making the planter unuseable, before I could form an overall opinion.

Weak handle ~ reviewed by Sarah

I bought this from a local hardware store and the handle cracked after five bulbs. Very disappointed in this otherwise sturdy tool.

Same story – very weak handle ~ reviewed by Renter6

Same story here as the other reviews so far. My wife bought this gadget at Home Depot, pretty much the only stand-up bulb planter they were offering. The handle is extremely weak, hollow plastic construction. It broke almost immediately from the twisting action necessary to cut through the roots in our yard. The tool did not stand up to normal wear and tear.

Don’t waste your time with the Hound Dog HDP33 ~ reviewed by Donw

The product seems sturdy enough, but it did not last one day. The handle is weak and broke soon after I started using it. The rest was sturdy enough, but useless without the handle.

Yep. Don’t touch the handle ~ reviewed by Todd

I bought this after reading all the reviews. ‘Tis true friends, the handle is cheaply constructed, whereas the rest of the tool will likely outlast the gardener.

I got such a great buy on this, I just had to give it a go. Press on box steel footrest, pull out plug USING SHAFT, and clear dirt.

I’m just in from planting 96 bulbs in typically rocky New England soils(glacial till, doncha know) and after a quick hose down, the tool looks as new…okay, the paint on the planter portion is worn in spots ;)

I suspect that I’ll snap the handle off during cold weather, or forget and try to actually USE it, in which case its lifetime warranty will be handy.

Even at the place of purchase I looked with wonder at just how poorly executed the handle was conceived and applied.

The tool deserves a “5” for everything but the bloody handle. The handle deserves no we have a dilemma. I’m giving the tool a “3 Star” rating in that I was able to
complete every task I asked of it, and it still works(the handle remains untouched while doing any digging).

Should I break the handle, I’ll amend this review. Back to the grind.

Not designed for the real world ~ reviewed by R. Olcott

I bought one of these from a local gardening shop. It worked a treat for the first few dozen bulbs and then the wimpy aluminum pop-it rivets tore loose and let that flimsy plastic handle fly free. If the handle’s not firmly attached to the shaft, then the plug release mechanism is inoperative. The replacement I got from the gardening shop was no better. If you’re working with heavy clay soil or trying to cut through more than a very thin root layer, this is NOT the product for you. The overall design is good, but it needs a steel handle that’s robustly affixed to the shaft.

500+ bulbs and counting! ~ reviewed by Laura J Heisey

I bought one of these at my local Agway. My neighbors and I have planted almost 550 bulbs with it over a 2 week period. It’s extremely sturdy and the handle on it seems fine. I feel perfectly comfortable jumping on the cross bar as hard as I can to dig the holes. Maybe Agway got a new and improved version of it? This thing is the best garden tool I have ever bought.

11/11 update:

I planted another 256 bulbs yesterday and the tool is still working perfectly. The handle shows no signs of stress or weakness.

Buy it and use it with some common sense, it’ll do fine ~ reviewed by W. R. Farley

I, too, bought this tool after reading all the negative reviews figuring I’m perfectly capable of making a T handle out of pipe. Used sensibly, the handle held up to 50 holes in a tilled and plastic covered row. That’s all I needed at the time. I’m a big guy and yes, the handle does some flexing but you know it’s on the weak side so don’t push or twist on it, that’s what the square pipe on top of the cutter is for. Light twisting, in tilled ground, didn’t hurt it but don’t just wrench it around. It’s a well made tool, otherwise, I really like being able to dump the dirt out at the hole for bedding the plant with.

Strange weakness ~ reviewed by Mike Wright

With 250 bulbs to plant, I had high hopes for this gadget, but my wife and I had planted about a dozen bulbs when it broke. Unlike some other reviewers who had the plastic handle break, what broke on ours was the rivet that held the handle on.

Considering the heavy steel construction of the body of the tool, it seems very strange that they attached the handle with an eighth-inch diameter aluminum rivet.

It might work nicely in relatively soft, well-cultivated soil, but not in North Carolina clay.

Yes, I hate it. ~ reviewed by Kenan J. Kern

This Hound Dog bulb planter is well constructed throughout the shaft and lower end of the tool. The poor design and construction of the handle makes this the biggest joke of a tool. I was able to plant only 5 bulbs before the poorly designed handle broke apart. When you see how poorly the handle is designed you wonder how this tool will ever be used. I am very disappointed with the workmenship of this tool and will be available to share my comments with anyone interested.Buy it at Amazon

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