Ames True Temper C6TC14 6-Cubic Foot Total Control Handle Steel Tray Wheelbarrow Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

Product Description

Innovative Total Control design delivers outstanding comfort and control, particularly going up and down hills or just unloading with better motion and reach. The ergonomic handles make dumping and turning much easier.

Customer Reviews

Solid Construction ~ reviewed by Weekend Craftsman

Being in the market for a wheelbarrow i searched quite a few products and reviews, intending to only have to buy one for quite a long time i wanted to make sure i went with a good product that was functional. The total control handles are a very nice feature. I found a similar model at a local big box hardware store however the tub was plastic which is fine for landscaping where you are carrying mulch (add weight and the tub rips through the bolts). So i decided on a metal bin and metal handle arms. the only non metal parts on this item are the actual handles and the tire. It is very light however it has no problem taking a load of dirt. My only gripe was during the shipping process the tub and handles got some scrapes and dings. My wife reminded me that it was only a wheelbarrow and that it will end up with a few scraps and dings, but i would rather the scratches and dings come from my use. all in all a great product. very pleased with the construction and weight.

Great idea, mediocre quality ~ reviewed by LOCKX112

The handles are a fantastic idea and work great. I have used this for pouring concrete and hauling dirt. Filling this full with dirt bent the metal tray. If they had just made the main tray better and stronger quality than this would be a 5 star wheelbarrow.

Heavy duty wheelbarrow. Arrived somewhat banged up though. ~ reviewed by ljpa

Shipped and received very promptly. Was delivered as two seperate shipments. First the handles in the morning, and the balance later the same evening. All parts were there and seem to be great as far as quality goes.
The bucket and a box containing all the other pieces of the wheelbarrow were packed in a cut and conformed box that had been shaped to the bucket and taped together. It has a few spots where the paint has been scraped along the edges and also inside the “spout” of of the bucket. There is a dent in the lower side of the bucket. It is a wheelbarrow and will have these eventually anyways so I won’t be returning it, but in the future maybe safer packaging is in order to prevent undo damage an item that is purchased new.

Nice Wheelbarrow. Total Control Handles. ~ reviewed by Canis Domum

Design: It is a pretty typical wheelbarrow except for the “Total Control” handles. The tray is black steel. The rails are steel painted red (with a little black) and marked “China”. The nuts and bolts are zinc-plated (not hot-dip galvanized).

Assembly: The total control handles attach easily and securely. The rest of the wheelbarrow is assembled with carriage bolts. Carriage bolts are made with smooth, rounded heads and a square under the head to fit into a square hole in steel or to sink into wood while the nut is turned. These carriage bolts all go into round steel holes so they spin when you try to tighten them. Oddly, two carriage blots have a slot so they can be tightened without spinning. All the others are a nuisance to install. A tip for installing the carriage bolts is to put the bolt into the hole and strike the round head with a hammer. This will start to set the square bolt head into the round hole (the square bites into the edges of the round hole). My previous wheelbarrow had square holes for the carriage bolts.

Ergonomics: Those “Total Control” handles were the reason I selected this model. They are very comfortable and great for dumping the contents of the wheelbarrow forward. Much better than the typical straight handles.

Tire: It is a pneumatic tire, 15.5 inches in diameter. The wheel size is 4.80/4.00-8 (a common size in 6 cubic foot wheelbarrows). The axle hub is 6 inches wide (in case you are looking into a “flat-free” tire to replace it). It does NOT have ball bearings. The tire is the only part I see that is made in China.

Shipping: The wheelbarrow shipped in three parts, a bare steel tray with no padding or packaging, the two steel rails strapped together, and a cardboard box with the tire, nuts, bolts, and small steel parts). The tray came with dents and scratches all over it. The rails had quite a few scrapes through the red paint. The first thing I did was to touch up the paint on all the steel parts.

One thought, my last wheelbarrow rusted out. So, I put paint-on truck bedliner material on the steel tray to protect it from shovel scrapes.

Shipped unwrapped= dented and scratched barrow ~ reviewed by Meg Sumner

Sure, a wheelbarrow is going to get dinged when used in the yard. But I’d prefer to make those dings myself than pay for the privledge of getting a pre-damaged wheelbarrow. This is shipped in three pieces: the metal barrow (which absorbs every scratch and ding UPS can give it), two handles (also unwrapped and unboxed…thus scratched), and a box of the remaining parts. I’ve never seen such awful shipping. I was surprised they didn’t deliver a can of RUST too for the dings.

I mean, if I was paying less for a blemished model? Maybe. But this was a HUGE joke. I came home to find all three pieces tossed by my back door (on concrete). I’m returning the whole bundle. The price was only slightly cheaper than my local OSH, so I’ll take my money there.

And if it scratches this easy in transit? Imagine actual yard work!

Adequate but likely to rust sooner rather than later ~ reviewed by IMH

Amazon shipped the wheelbarrow tray and handles without any kind of packing or protection at all. Unsurprisingly, they arrived with scratches and dents. Tightening nuts during assembly removed more paint — it’s a thin layer and easily flakes off. So I’m expecting to see corrosion before too long.

The wheelbarrow was reasonably easy to assemble and is easy to use, but I’m going to need to paint or lacquer it myself.

I love it!!! ~ reviewed by Christine K. Cornett-McVay

I received this as one of my gifts for our 15th wedding anniversary from my ‘handsome and handy’ husband, Tony McVay. Call me a freaky mountain hillbilly, but I prefer garden tools over appliances any day of the week. My husband is a general contractor so he knew what to look for in a quality item. The True Temper Total Control is easy for me to grip and lift. I’m very petite, so I needed something sturdy yet easy to lift and move. This wheelbarrow moves along smoothly and is perfect for use in my rocky flower garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The tire is tough and travels well over our very rough, but beautiful, mountain land where one must use a pick axe to dig even a shallow hole in the ground. I can grip the handles of this wheelbarrow and know that they’ll stay firmly in place with the heavy duty bolts that holds it all together. This is not a cheaply made product and will work well for use in flower or vegetable gardens.
Chrissy K. McVay

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Great wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by M. Bass

I received this a couple of months ago and so far I love it. It’s sturdy (made almost entirely of metal – no wood), and can haul a good load of whatever you need to haul. It’s easy to assemble, and the ergonomic handles make it easier to use than regular wheelbarrows. Absolutely no complaints.

Good Wheelbarrow with nice handles – Better packaging would earn it 5 Stars. ~ reviewed by P. Pryor

Good Value in a Metal Wheelbarrow.
1. Fairly easy to put together and all small parts came in a box; barrow and handles separate w/o protection.
2. You need a 1/2″ wrench and a screwdriver for the carriage bolts and you are good to go.
3. An assembly video is noted in the directions but I couldn’t get to it.
3. There are a few plastic parts including the handles and a couple shims – rest is metal.
4. I consider it a good weight for homeowner use; not for contracting.
5. The handles are comfortable and very helpful in controlling the dumping process.
6. The barrow had two small dents and lots of small scratches when delivered as others have noted.

Wheelbarrow capacity good, handles work well both for moving and for … ~ reviewed by tole painter

Wheelbarrow capacity good, handles work well both for moving and for emptying load, PACKING (or lack thereof) was LOUSY. Tray came with big dent in corner, but like rest of customers, I let it go since I’m going to give it rough workouts.Buy it at Amazon

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