Ames True Temper C6 6-Cubic-Foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow Reviews

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Product Description

With 6 cubic feet of hauling capacity, this True Temper wheelbarrow is ideal for homeowners, landscapers and light construction work. The 6 cubic foot seamless steel tray is plenty tough and will provide years of service. Around the house or on the job, this is the right wheelbarrow for the job. 6 cubic foot capacity. Seamless steel tray. 16 inch tubed tire. 60 inch seal coated hardwood handles. Length: 58.75 Width: 25.5 Height: 27

From the Manufacturer

Contractors rely on their wheelbarrows day in and day out. These wheelbarrows must meet the demands of everyday use. They provide reliable service and are constructed with the highest quality specifications. These wheelbarrows are often used to mix and carry cement, stones and other heavy materials.

Customer Reviews

Not Heavy Duty! ~ reviewed by Bob Williamson

This was advertised as being ‘heavy duty’ for contractors. I believe they may have pulled the homeowner version and shipped to me. Handles are weak and supports are thin. This is a $49 wheelbarrow.

Buy this wheelbarrow and save your back! ~ reviewed by littlegull

I purchased this modestly-priced wheelbarrow to help with my spring and summer gardening chores, and it has proven to be very useful. It easily hauls a heavy load of mulch wherever I need it, and is a real asset for other outdoor projects as well. Because of its size it was a little tricky to assemble, and the wheel needs to be inflated to its optimum pressure, but the whole job still took me less than an hour. If you’re looking for a sturdy, no-nonsense wheelbarrow, this would be a good choice.

Price and design ~ reviewed by Matt

Buyers should be aware that this is a light duty wheelbarrow. If you plan on hauling rocks, bricks, and/or concrete, plan on replacing this product within 1-3 years if not sooner. Also, this exact model is $49.97 at Home Depot. I don’t quite understand why it is so much more expensive here. In any event, not bad for small “around the house” stuff.

Doesn’t stand up to real use ~ reviewed by PJMS

This wheelbarrow might be good for light-duty tasks, but anytime I have put a normal-sized load (sand, cement, or even dirt and compost) the wheel bows to either side, and the wheelbarrow tips uncontrollably. The thin metal stand is too weak to support even an 80 lb load properly, especially over bumpy ground. Another problem with this wheelbarrow, is that once you tip the contents, the metal piece in front of the wheel pushes back against the wheel, locking it in place. All of these problems exist even after I have made repeated attempts to tighten the bolts and made sure the tire pressure was correct.
After receiving a 6 yard load of compost this weekend, I had the worst time struggling to keep this wheelbarrow upright, even with loads that were only half full. But the most frustrating part was that the wheel bent under a normal-sized load when I was half-way done, and I wasn’t able to finish the job.
Bottom line: this wheelbarrow is produced cheaply, was not produced with usability or the customer in mind, and cannot withstand normal use. Avoid.

Poorly Crafted JUNK ~ reviewed by Josh

This is one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. Didn’t buy from Amazon, but my hate for it is so extreme that I felt compelled to post a review of it here, when I came across it while looking for a replacement for the worthless piece of trash that I currently have.

Where to begin with this thing? The bucket is constructed of thin metal, not heavy-duty like you’d expect. The metal is so thin that it is flexible, and mine has cracks near the bolt holes that hold the bucket to the frame, the cracks caused by metal fatigue. This has in turn weakened the structure of an already weak design. Next, the assembly materials: there are no lock washers, so if you don’t go out and buy washers and lock washers for every connection, the bolts will loosen themselves and cause the wheelbarrow to become very unstable. This will happen very quickly, the wheelbarrow rattles itself apart, especially the bolts that hold the wheel assembly to the frame. Even after having washers installed, if you actually use this piece of junk for hauling heavy things like concrete, the whole wheelbarrow has a tendency to warp and bend, making it difficult to move and maneuver, and it is untrustworthy when even when sitting on the ground because the whole frame shifts under loads. The tire is thin and was punctured within 10 minutes of using it; I had to go buy a universal, foam filled replacement, which frankly should be standard on something that calls itself a “contractor” version. The little bar in front of the wheel CONSTANTLY twists up or down and will cause the wheelbarrow to stop in its tracks due to the friction it causes on the tire. If you buy this, be prepared to adjust that poorly held bar after dumping every load. No exaggeration. This in turn loosens the bolts holding the bar on, which further destabilizes the wheelbarrow.

There is nothing whatsoever to like about this product. Its first failure happened within an hour of assembling it with the tire friction thing, which caused me to trip and lose a load of concrete. I despise this item, and now I hate the company that sells it. I won’t buy an Ames item or the True Temper brand, I would rather use my bare hands.

Light to medium duty recommended ~ reviewed by R. Severin

Although this is listed as a contractor wheelbarrow, I wouldn’t recommend hauling any very heavy material. The tray is not very heavy duty, and probably would not stand up to much abuse. I have an old Craftsman wheelbarrow with a smaller, but very heavy duty tray. I mix cement in it, haul rocks, bricks, stumps and other heavy materials in it, and it has kept going for over thirty years. I don’t think this one would stand up to such abuse. I’ll use it for mulch, soil, and plants, but nothing heavy, nor will I try to mix cement in it. After I purchased this one, I found a Jackson wheelbarrow (6 cubic feet) at Lowes for the same price. It has a very heavy tray, probably as good as my old Craftsman. Should have done a little more research before making my purchase. I always go for the free shipping and no tax, but it would have been more prudent to pay the tax, and bring on home that was already assembled.

On the assembly note, it wasn’t very hard to do, but after completing it, I noticed that the wheel slipped from side to side on the axle. I placed a call to True Temper, and was able to talk to a very knowledgable lady, who shipped me some wheel spacers. I think these should have been included as part of the original shipment, but it all worked out okay in the end.

If you want a very heavy duty 6 cubic foot wheelbarrow, I recommend the Jackson, not the True Temper.

Medium duty – great for around the house ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I’ve had this for household use for several years with no complaints. Seems sturdy enough when completely full of topsoil.
My bolts recently came loose and I ended up losing a couple and the Axel.
But the True Temper website was super easy to order replacement parts completely FREE! Received them within a week.

It is what it is ~ reviewed by evalese

Same product as listed. Box arrived a little beat up but nothing was damaged. No missing parts. Goes together fairly easily, though the legs were a bit of a bear to pull into place and get bolted down. Nice wheel with simple axle. The wheelbarrow steel isn’t as thick as the one I used as a kid at home (that one is still going strong), but it seems like it will last a long time. Have used it once. Threw stuff in it, moved the stuff, tipped stuff out of it. Seems to be working.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by Walter J Chase


Quality wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by StanleyWinters

Seems to be fairly high-quality all around. Should last longer and be able to handle more than a plastic alternative. Overall the assembly was straight forward. The risers that keep the tray level are plastic molded, I was hoping for something a bit sturdier here. The gauge of the steel is a little thin (mine was dented during shipping), but that will keep the weight down. All in all I can’t complain.Buy it at Amazon

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