Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow BP8 Reviews

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Product Description

Heavy duty, corrosion proof poly tray. Heavy duty bearing. Front tray braces, steel cross braces, steel shoes. Back H brace. Two 16" x 4" wheel assemblies, pneumatic tires. Yellow. 8 cubic foot capacity. Length: 60. Width: 79.5. Height: 34.5

From the Manufacturer

Contractors rely on their wheelbarrows day in and day out. These wheelbarrows must meet the demands of everyday use. They provide reliable service and are constructed with the highest quality specifications. These wheelbarrows are often used to mix and carry cement, stones and other heavy materials.

Customer Reviews

plastic crap ~ reviewed by strawdude

I should have known better!!!! cheap plastic crap that is poorly constructed at stress points. Used very little for ANY kind of heavy work. Plastic tub cracked at bolt heads almost immediately, not much later at base of tub near the deepest point. Can’t get refund from dealer, nor can I even find a replacement tub. Trying to JB Weld and jerry rig some fix. At the price….. shouldn’t have to go there.
stay away!!!!

Best overall one out there for the money. ~ reviewed by Guy McCord

I got this for my new business not to long back, and man does it do the job. Its heavy duty and with the 2 wheel system you can carry TWICE the weight as normal and not worry about tipping over. I use mine to haul bricks and other masonry materials. Its very durable and surprisingly does not show a lot of wear. When you are done you just hose it out and hang it out to dry, ready for the next day. I am really impressed by the tires. Usually with heavy loads the tires go flat after a couple of weeks of heavy wear and you spend a lot of time pumping them up, but this guy, no way, they haven’t went flat yet! If you are doing some heavy duty construction or landscaping or just want an all purpose wheel barrow that will not tip over like your old one-wheeler, give this one a spin.

“Playground” Wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Tamela D. Delorme

This purchase was made for a residential home. While our project is larger than average; 10 cubic yards of gravel, 20 cubic yards of soil, and 10 cubic yards of mulch; this wheelbarrow is far short of commercial quality (other than the plastic container). When I moved soil the wheel bar bends when you move it. The front support braces have bent to the shape of the front wheelbarrow container. We were surprized they haven’t broken yet! We will not buy replacement brace parts, instead, we will go to local garage shop and have them make new heavier ones. The load balance is not what it should be either for this contractor product. I don’t expect this product to last through our spring project; VERY disappointing.

Great at first but doesn’t last ~ reviewed by Rick Braumoeller

I bought this wheelbarrow in 2010, and initially I was very satisfied — I could fill it with as much dirt, rocks and junk as I could possibly move, and other than the occasional tire-pressure refill, it was flawless. Having 2 front wheels was essential for the very uneven terrain in our yard–our single-wheel wheelbarrow was constantly tipping over with heavy loads. But I live in the Pacific Northwest, and before long, the underlying frame started to give out: first the metal flange that connects the axle to the wooden handles cracked on one side; then the metal joint the connected the wheelbarrow to the axle sheared; and now the wooden handle has rotted through completely (see pictures).

I’d be able to forgive most of this if it were possible to obtain replacement parts. But none of my local hardware stores can get them, and I haven’t been able to find them online either.

For $140, I expect the thing to last, or at least to be able to buy $5 replacement parts to keep it going after wear and tear. But now I’m faced with cobbling together more hacks to keep this thing from falling apart (and those won’t hold for heavy loads) or buying a new one.

When my meager cobbling-together skills can no longer keep this thing running, I’m certainly not going to by another one that relies on wood and easily-rusted-out metal parts. I’m going to buy a more weatherproof one that will last more than 2 seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

A beautiful wheelbarrow if properly used and cared for ( I’m buying my second after I finish this review) ~ reviewed by m66

To begin with I was leery about plastic tubs to mix cement in. I’ve had this wheelbarrow for a number of years and used it for everything. Do a real lot of cement mixing with it. Unfortunately a family member, in December was cutting up logs and dumped them into the barrow carelessly and punched a hole right through the plastic tub. I’m amazed at the cement I’ve mixed in it weightwise. Looking at prices and realizing how the wheelbarrow will hold up if properly cared for I’ve decided to buy another. I take care of my tools and they take care of me. It broke due to carelessness. You dont throw a twenty five pound log end first into an empty plastic tub in cold weather. When I get the new one I will coat all metal sufaces with rust inhibiting paint and nuts and bolts with rust resistant nuts and bolts. I will replace the washers with larger washers ( 2″in diameter) and place rubber washers against the tub on both sides to prevent cracking from too great a compression tension. (I cut up old inner tubes into large round washers.)If the drilled holes are too snug I will enlarge the holes with a file to compensate for expansion and contraction of the metal bolts. The other wheelbarrow lasted quite a while and I did nothing to protect it. We treated it with respect and caring. This one should be around after I’m gone. So excuse me while I now add a new one to my cart. I have a large project with a bunch of concrete to pour over this summer. (they want more money to replace the tub than to purchase a complete wheelbarrow) Ps. Keep the kids away from it too. It is a beautifully balanced wheelbarrow which allows for comfortable and stable handling. Mama loves it. I’ll patch up the old one as she is always picking up leaves and branches and such. – signed: cheery grampa

AVOID. Complete and absolute garbage. Unless you’re just moving leaves. ~ reviewed by Jaime T,

I actually purchased this at Lowe’s, under the Jackson name, and am writing this as others have stated the Ames and Jackson are the same product. (If that’s not true, disregard.) As other reviewers have stated, the poly tub splits at the bolt holes – my first one the tub actually came completely off – I was not abusing it. Lowes kindly replaced it, sure enough within 6 months the holes started to split. I added wide fender washers to every bolt in an attempt to spread the load in the tub, and the tub has now split around those washers. Jackson calls it “Professional Grade” – what a joke.

As a side note, both tires went flat within months (I did not run over nails or anything else). Replaced both inner tubes (which is a pain) and those have also gone flat. In fairness, the tubes were also purchased at Lowe’s but I’m assuming all these manufacturers use the same junk.

Maybe The New Ones Are Made In China? ~ reviewed by John

I was surprised to see all the negative reviews for this. I have had this for about 10 years and my mother in law has one too. I have used both for many heavy duty home projects and it has been very durable. The only problem so far is hers is not stored well and the one tire keeps losing pressure and unseating from the wheel. The pics from Rick B look like his is not stored well at all. It looks like it has never seen a garage and is in a very wet environment. If these are left outside for a long time, they will rust and wood will rot. It’s not like the bolts are stainless steel and the wood is not pressure treated. We live in Florida on the coast and everything rusts here. But I can say mine looks nothing like that. Yes it has some superficial rust but it’s in good shape. And these things are for residential projects, not commercial jobs. The tub is large but it’s plastic. You can see that before you buy it! Don’t expect to toss broken concrete in there for long. Although I have used it for that. The best use for this is for things like mulch. I can move a very large amount and with the dual wheels it is stable. Although I will say that it can be hard on an incline since the 2 wheels follow the lay of the land. A single wheel would be better since you can keep the load vertical.

*Update* – I spoke to customer service today to order new wheel assemblies. I asked where these wheelbarrows are made and she told me Pennsylvania. So no China. I think the negative reviews are people that are not putting the unit together properly. For example, torqueing the bolts too much could crack the plastic. Or if you overload the thing with rough and heavy things, it will not last. And I would have given 5 stars but it is pretty expensive so I deducted one.

Love it! ~ reviewed by Suzanne Brean

Bought this to replace an identical one. We had the barrow portion crack severely after 10 years of abuse. The wheelbarrow is great with the two wheels, especially if you take the wheels down and get them filled with foam so they never go flat.

or anything with weight don’t waste your money ~ reviewed by Hinerman

These are plastic junk for heavy work. If you are hauling leaves, dirt, or straw they might be ok. If you are thinking of hauling firewood, rocks, or anything with weight don’t waste your money. Mine cracked and broke after only limited use hauling firewood. Maybe used it 3-4 times before it started cracking. I dropped it one day and the tray popped off all 4 bolts holding the tray in place.

JUNK – leaves and mulch only ~ reviewed by Parker

complete disappointment – three cracks in poly tub, broken wooden handle, axle attachment straps twisted and bent causing wheels to rub against tub. Jackson does state in their description that its great for leaves and mulch. This wheelbarrow should not be used for anything heavier then full loads of leaves or mulch. It might hold up with partial loads (1/4 to 1/2 tub) of dirt or stone? I used mine for 4 months. I just ordered a Sterling Wheelbarrow that is for commercial use, I should have went the commercial route in the first place for a few extra dollars. Ames True Temper and Jackson 8 cubic foot poly tray dual wheel are the same wheelbarrowBuy it at Amazon

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