Ames True Temper 2414200 4-Pound Torpedo Wedge Reviews

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Ames 2414200 4-pound torpedo wedge

Customer Reviews

My goto tool for splitting rounds ~ reviewed by Adam Phillabaum

The store of the torpedo is really the story of my wood-splitting abilities. It started a few months ago when someone gifted me a truck-full of rounds. I started by going down to the local hardware store and buying a splitting maul. I’m not nearly strong enough or skilled enough to split 90% of the rounds with just the maul. Then I got a traditional splitting wedge, and my abilities to split wood increased another 20%. Finally, my dad (the consummate woodsman) told me about these type of wedges. I purchased this, and have been able to split the remainder of the wood with ease.

I also purchased a sledgehammer (for another project) but have found that it works better than the back of the splitting maul for driving the wedges.

Second line of attack, for me ~ reviewed by ZigZagWanderer

My favorite wedge is an old ax head. But when that doesn’t get enough purchase (i.e. big rounds) this never fails to help me finish the split.

Can be difficult to start – which is why it works so well as a second wedge where the split is already open. Also tends to bounce out when used first.

I would definitely purchase again.

Great product ~ reviewed by R. Durham

Works very well. 20 hours no splits, cracks or breaks under heavy use. Good steel as described.

Awesome wedge, would buy again ~ reviewed by Matthew Thomas

I used this to split over a cord of firewood and it worked like a charm. I was a little scared to spend $16 on a big chuck of metal that may just work as good as the $5 ones at tractor supply, but this one works so much better. My favorite thing isn the tip. The point makes it so easy to start it into a log (I’ve been splitting 15″-16″ wet hickory) the wedge splits it into 2 pieces, not 4 like you may think, but that’s all you need if you have a splitting maul. The top of the wedge is a nice big striking surface that seems to be holding up good. We’ll worth the $16

I heat with wood and don’t have time to waste on tools that don’t work Joke for hardwood with any kind of twist to it. ~ reviewed by Danvil

Great for pine or very straight grain white oak, but is a joke for anything else. I will upload photos of small logs that I buried this wedge below level of a <7″ diameter piece of red oak and it still didn’t split the log. I’ll put up another photo of this wedge way below the top of a small log with it stuck in it. Don’t waste your money. I heat with wood and don’t have time to waste on tools that don’t work.

A must-buy recommendation in my newest lumberjacking book. ~ reviewed by Nahanni47

Outstanding. This is one of the splitting wedges I reviewed for my new book, (, and it’s probably the best wedge I’ve found. I’d very much recommend this product to anyone who needs to split even the gnarliest, most fibrous wood.

Wow ~ reviewed by D. Haines

It is amazing. I had some big chunks of red oak and regular wedges were doing nothing. As in: I would get the wedge lodged into the wood, then strike a mighty blow with the sledge. The result? A wedge that just bounced up in the air with a mighty ping. The torpedo just dug in. And dug in. And did the job. Wow.

the Torpedo is the Bomb, it works!! ~ reviewed by chandra anderson

It really does a great job, splitting even very large pieces of wood. It certainly makes having a wood burning stove easier. My son really loves it!

Glad I ordered it! ~ reviewed by Mary W.

This item works great. If I did not have this wedge I would have to wait until my husband comes home in March to split a lot of the limby wood we have.

… a regular steel wedge and works only half as good. I wish i could return it but dont … ~ reviewed by Hubert Van Der Heijden

This costs twice as much as a regular steel wedge and works only half as good.
I wish i could return it but dont think they will take it back.Buy it at Amazon

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