Ames True Temper 2037300 48-Inch Shovel Handle Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Ames 2037300 48-inch shovel handle

Customer Reviews

Wrong Handle ~ reviewed by Blake Causey

This handle just arrived. It has the right part number on it but it DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE. To double check before I ordered I went to the following web site to check part Number versus product:

The picture and part number are the same at Tru Temper and Amazon. BUT the handle I received is NOT SPLIT to accommodate the bent shovel blade. Also it has a SHOULDER that limits the location of the blade.

At this point I plan to go to my shop and split the handle to allow assembly into a bent shovel blade and grind off the shoulder as necessary to place the blade.

A Perfect Replacement Handle for my Shovel ~ reviewed by William M. Lambert

I broke the handle in my Ames shovel. It had a lifetime limited warranty, and Ames sent me a replacement shovel for free. I ordered this handle for the old shovel, and it was a perfect replacement. The old handle had been notched to allow it to follow the bend in the head, but I decided not to go that route. I drove the new handle in as far as it would go and it works fine.

great handle ~ reviewed by Nathaniel Frost

ordered 6 handles, they all came fast. boxed good enough for wooden handles. 3 had very tight grain the other 3 are plenty fine for a shovel. all clear handles coated with lacquer which strips off easy with a heat gun and knife. rivet works fine with a anvil or solid chunk of metal behind it and a ball pein handle. will be buying 6 more soon

Worked for me ~ reviewed by RS

Was inexpensive and had free shipping. I cut a few inches off of the tapered end to let it fit my old shovel, drilled a hole for the new pin (which came with the handle), and hammered both ends of the pin at once to rivet it to the shovel. I have not tried using it yet so I can not say how strong the new handle is yet.

Shovel Handle True Temper. ~ reviewed by Eloi

This is the same handle that the local hardware sells for $18.95. It does not have a slot cut but that is not a problem for me. I have a large band saw. I used the handle for a pitchfork. The wood is ash with a straight grain. Worked well.

Shovel Handle ~ reviewed by Gene Mothershed

These handles are very good quality. I had to do a small amount of trimming to make it fit my particular shovel perfectly. A locking pin was included with the handle which also worked well. I can recommend this handle.

One Star ~ reviewed by Scott K

It took a lot of trimming to make it fit my shovel, it will probably not last very long.

Great Handle ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Product was as described and was delivered on time. What more is there to say.

but not bad for the price ~ reviewed by D. P.

Not the heaviest duty handle around, but not bad for the price.

I love it ~ reviewed by Nor Gnorts

It’s a shovel handle. What else can I say.Buy it at Amazon

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