Ames True Temper 1984900 Ergo Gel Grip Hand Weeder Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Product Description

Ames 1984900 ergo gel grip hand weeder

Customer Reviews

Not effective. ~ reviewed by H. Pau

I picked this up at Home Depot.

The fork on this is too shallow and can not grip the weed/plant. Compare the design to other weeders. This one is about as effective as a flat head screw driver.

I recommend that you pass on this model.

Hand weeding ~ reviewed by Clair E Oppriecht

I would not recommend this product if you have alot of clay in your soild like we do. When trying to pull weeds it bent under pressure.

Grand Product ~ reviewed by Susan

After years of digging weeds with a trowel my husband suggested I try this Ames hand weeder. Dandelions & violets just pop out. It makes quick work out of what used to be a laborious process.

Dandelion’s worst nightmare ~ reviewed by SilverFox 1789

This product is great – comfortable handle and sturdy body – great for weeds with long, deep roots (like those dandelions I should have taken care of weeks ago when they were smaller!).

Good buy. ~ reviewed by Char

Better than the other inexpensive ones we’ve purchased in the past. Husband appreciates the better shape of handle along with its comfortable material. I would by again.

70 year old gardener proclaims this to be the absolute best. ~ reviewed by Paul V. Beyerl

I had to search and search because I will no longer use any other.
The grip is so comfortable I can do more work with less discomfort.

Great Gardening Spade ~ reviewed by AEGen

Overall, I am extremely happy with this product. We have some pesky weeds in our yard that have deep roots, so this is a lifesaver.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Kirsten Chase

Love these for digging weeds. I keep leaving them around the yard, losing them, then buying another!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by MZ

Looks good, feels good in hand and worked good too..

Quality Weed Puller ~ reviewed by Susie Consigny

Great Fathers Day Gift!!!!!!!!Buy it at Amazon

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