Ames Co. 1943500 Sod Lifter Reviews

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4.0 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Forged 1 piece construction. Chrome ferrule, polished blade. 31″ Armor D top handle. 9″ x 5″ blade; 18″ shank. Refer to model No. 720 for replacement handle.

Customer Reviews

Ames Co. Sod Lifter ~ reviewed by Truhog 55

This product is the perfect tool for sod busting. Long enough you won’t break your back yet compact enough to handle easily. You may or may not need a shovel to lift the sod out of the way but that’s okay. If you’re doing this type of work you probably have one around. No other manual tool I’ve used cuts through grass and weed roots like the Ames Co. Sod Lifter. Digging is rarely pleasant but this product sure makes it easier.

Excellent tool ~ reviewed by enterprise

I used the Sod Lifter to remove about 170 square feet of low growing Korean Grass. The sod was totally dry and the removal was completed within 2 hours. The task could have been completed faster if the sod had been moistened the day earlier.The tool was very easy to use and made the job much easier than using a shovel.

Save your back ~ reviewed by BW

I think the blade should be sharper but it was certainly better using the sod shovel. I have been using my little
wide pick ax type thing and it was back breaking to say the least. Once I got the sod shovel started, it was comparatively much easier. But I do think it will go faster and smoother with a sharper blade.

Awesome! ~ reviewed by sabres2332

I have did my fairshare of landscaping for a couple years (amatuer) and this sod lifter is amazing when it comes to edging. This multiuse tool is handy for anyone working in their garden! Not only can you make transplanting patches of sod to other location with ease, it makes sharp looking edges when you’re putting the finishing touches on your garden (Lastly and MOST importantly) So why go through the hard hours making your garden beautiful, to not install the most inportant part!? Get this!

The Ames lifter has a better angle and performs as I expect it to ~ reviewed by DALE E VANTHUYNE

I use my sod lifter regularly at work. The Ames lifter has a better angle and performs as I expect it to. I once bought a different brand lifter at a local big box store and was dissatisfied . Oh, yes people they do work much better if you sharpen them. It the first thing I do when I get it.

Save Your Back and Buy This ~ reviewed by Kurt Meyer

In the past, I’ve used a straight edge shovel and a pick mattock to remove turf; talk about back-breaking work. This sod lifter is much easier to use and a lot better for my back.

I didn’t like the way the company dealt with my problem, but the product was good quality ~ reviewed by linda demay

It worked really well,helped take the pressure off of my back. It did the job it was suppose to do.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Ron Fortner

very helpful tool / not sharpened when shipped / no problem sharpened works great

Ames sod lifter ~ reviewed by Ralph L. Lyon

This is a great tool. I use this for my gardening work to remove grass and weed prior to preparing the beds. However, I found that if you sharpen the blade, it does an amazing job, and I carry a file for this purpose. It is easy on my back. This tool works best in soil that is not overly dry.

Dull ~ reviewed by cricket_r

The blade was too dull to really cut under the sod, and at an awkward angle – not bent enough to get under thesod but too bent to then pry it up.Buy it at Amazon

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