Ames 2463675 3-Cubic-Feet Easy Roller Jr. Poly Lawn and Garden Cart (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 50 customer reviews

Product Description

All-poly construction with solid steel axle. Extra-wide wheel base with wide wheels. Recessed tool tray and tool clips on sides. 3 cubic feet. Length: 37.5. Width: 26. Height: 20

From the Manufacturer

All-poly construction with tubular steel axle.. Extra-wide wheel base provides overall stability.. Recessed tool tray keeps tools organized.. ool clips on side for shovel, rake or hoe.. 11-Inch wheels with solid axle make maneuvering easy.

Customer Reviews

Get a wheelbarrow instead! ~ reviewed by Otis Maxwell

We have one of these for hauling yard stuff back and forth on a long uneven lawn, and every time it tips over I curse it for how unstable it is. The designers had the challenge, “how can we make this more unstable than a wheelbarrow?” Their solution was first, use wheels that are too small and second, put them right under the load instead out in front of it.

If you have one of these, it’s better to pull rather than push it and it won’t tip over as often. But the best scenario is to buy a wheelbarrow instead.

Great garden helper ~ reviewed by ATP

I need to move 40# bags of salt from my driveway around to my pool and couldn’t seem to get the hang of the heavy, old wheelbarrow my husband used. I chose this one because of its two wheel design, non-rusting poly construction and the fact that it came fully assembled right out of the box. It has proven to be everything it’s cracked up to be. Lightweight, easy to load, move and clean. One of the best outdoor inventments I’ve made. The wheelbarrow found a good home with a younger, stronger person and I can handle most of my outdoor hauling tasks myself again.

Ames Garden Cart ~ reviewed by Joseph Sousa

Very few small garden carts on the market. This item fills the bill for just such an item. Light weight and easy for use by older people.

Great little cart for the price ~ reviewed by D. Mckinzie

The first thing you need to ask yourself before buying this is, “What am I going to use it for?” If you’re going to haul big, very heavy items, it may not be big enough. If you’re going to haul things with a lot of weight in a small space, and that may move around, it may shift a little. It hasn’t been a problem for me, but I mostly haul a shovel, a sack of various packs of seeds, two or three bags of potting soil, pruning shears or other small tools, and maybe a potted plant or two in mine. I just love it. I have a two-wheeled wheelbarrow that is very large and will carry a big load with a lot of stability, but it’s so big that I can’t get it through my carport to the back yard and I have make endless treks unlocking gates and trekking the barrow around the house to them. This little guy is big enough to do the job, but can get in a small space. I do agree with the one reviewer who said that it pulls better than it pushes, but I found that to be true because the two little back legs are tall enough to make it sit even, which means they can catch and stop it from rolling unless you tilt it and when I pull it, I do better at tilting it for some reason; not sure why. Either way, it’s not that big a problem. If you want something that pulls easier, get a 4-wheel cart, which doesn’t maneuver easily, but is very stable and pulls easily or a 2-wheeled wheelbarrow; if you need bigger, get something bigger. But this works very well for me and the price was excellent. Every time I use it, I’m happier with it.

Great, but I Wish The Handle Was Higher ~ reviewed by Fiction Writer

This is a great lightweight cart for yard work. My Mom even throws her groceries in it to haul them to the house from the car. My only complaint is that I’m 5’9″, and it’s a little low for me.

Tough Cart ~ reviewed by Swordsinger

I have used this twice for leaf pickup in my yard, will hold one large leaf bag as you fill and carry two to curb. Sturdy construction overall. Height is great for me, I am 5 ft. tall. Tray has drainage holes-easy clean. Great for plants, small tools, pots and potting soil. I would not recommend transporting heavy objects like pavers or bricks. Rear stand is great for even terrain but not rough. I would give 5 stars except for shipping issues. FedEx shipping was one rough ride because the box had tears/holes from rough handling and cart had a deep scratch in rear stand. Signature was required and received on second try. I opened in front of driver before I signed. USPS or UPS, I have never had problems.

Good but short ~ reviewed by Jennifer

Sturd and useful but the handle was so short it keeps getting caught on my ankles when I pull it and I am only 5 ft 2in.

ames poly lawn & garden cart ~ reviewed by bk

This cart is just what I wanted. Heavy duty enough to carry potting soil and plants, and easy to roll.

This is a perfect lightweight cart for a country woman to wheel down … ~ reviewed by Carole

This is a perfect lightweight cart for a country woman to wheel down the ramp to her woodpile, fill with a two-day supply of firewood, roll back up the ramp and park in her home next to the fireplace. The cart has a small footprint and the black color is unobtrusive. I’ve put my ash bucket inside my cart to haul out ashes and had it tip over on me once (very annoying to get ashes all over my walkway), but now that I know it has that weakness I compensate for it by being more careful. I’m also careful to keep the wheels clean since it does ride over my wood floors; I never use it on the ground.

The small size and huge capacity of this cart make it ideal for me. Yes, it is much easier to pull it rather than push it up the ramp, but once inside, I push it into position. I love these carts and this purchase is for my third one, so I can keep a cart loaded with kindling and firewood on the covered porch for wet days when I don’t want to go to the woodpile.

The space for tools next to the handle is a perfect place to stash my long gloves, by the way.

great little cart! ~ reviewed by GrrrLinda

This is a tuff little cart. Moving animal feed from car to barn is great. It is a great cart and would recomend it. Just wish it had a little longer handle.Buy it at Amazon

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