Algreen 82112 Terra Tumbling Composter, Chocolate Brown, 55 Gallon Reviews

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Product Description

The Terra dual-batch tumbling composter is a practical, yet elegant way to eliminate organic waste and convert it into compost for your garden. The easy-to-tumble composter reduces the need to manually turn compost piles. At the same time, the patented dual-batch system prevents compost mixing and speeds up the composting process. Features include: a 55 gallon (7.35 cubic foot) drum, dual-batch separator, secure, extra-wide sliding lid (to facilitate filling and emptying both from the top and the bottom), rodent-proof design, a drain for compost tea and a rust-resistant (powder coated), snap-lock steel frame

Customer Reviews

Great Value and a Good Size ~ reviewed by Mr. Quincy

This is my first composter and I cannot be happier. Assembly was easy, in contrast to the experience most people describe in their reviews of other composters. It is larger than it looks in the image but comes with a handy divider allowing you to run two batches simultaneously. While not attractive, it is not an eyesore either. It looks and feels like quality. My only complaint is that the lid is a little stiff to open, but I assume that it will loosen up over time. Otherwise, I highly recommend it.

We like it ~ reviewed by LM Spencer

This is a great composter. I love that its so easy to spin even for my little boys. The dark chocolate color keeps the barrel warm and its been really nice to have 2 sides so one can be composting while the other is being filled. My only complaint is the plug. It broke off in a non repairable way on the first day of use.

Excellent Composter ~ reviewed by Gary Bashaw

Easily accessible and great having 2 compartments. It is easy to use and easy to put together. I would buy this item again.

Works Good So Far ~ reviewed by Trent Miller

I got this because my old composter was inviting all the critters in town for supper. The whole unit was easy to assemble. With only 2 screws used to attach the drum axle to the frame. I like that the frame is powder coated to slow down corrosion, unlike the others that are chromed metal. The lid slides very easily on and off. I used bungees going to the frame and drilled holes in the lid dimple to keep out the local wildlife. Also added a bungee across the top of the lid from drum dimple to dimple by drilling a hole in it. It seems to rapidly break down the scraps to make new soil. I just turn it when I add more scraps about once a week.

Well Built, easy to use ~ reviewed by Marilyn

What can I say, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I t was easy to put together, well built and it works well. It appears to be durable, although I just got it so I’ll update this i as time goes on and let you know. I really don’t think I’ll have any problems. Seems a lot better than the other ones I’d looked at.

Drum seems solid, frame is lacking, overall a decent choice for its price bracket ~ reviewed by indigopotter

I have been researching different composters, reading reviews and watching videos both here and on other websites. I decided on a tumbling dual-batch composter, and wanted one under $200. Some other brands’ reviews spoke of terrible assembly, and rust inside the bin. Some, especially the tall narrow ones, had reviews that said they were hard to turn, or the door would not latch well.

After all of that research, I settled on this composter in chocolate brown. I opened the box to find a black one, so I can’t speak to the chocolate brown color (the original label on the box from the distributor said that it was black, but Amazon had put a chocolate brown internal tracking label on the box, so I got the wrong color).

The divider (between the batches) was a little flimsier than I expected, but it has to bend so that you can make it go in the slots on the inner edge of the drum. I think it will work okay. The two sides don’t need to be absolutely sealed from each other. The drain seems nice enough, it has an end with a screw cap about the size and shape of the end of a garden hose. There are little (pencil-sized) air holes on the ends, in a circle around the hole where the central pipe goes through. The pipe goes all the way through the drum, so it’s more stable than having little pieces for the drum to rotate on. The central pipe is the only thing in there crossways to break up the compost as it’s spun, if that is an issue for you.

The frame comes in six pieces, and there are little silver spring clips that push in the narrow ends so there is something for the wider ends to clip on to. The holes in the frame were not all drilled very well, so in some cases I had to clean the burrs a bit so that the clip could pop out. I usually got one side or the other to clip in on any given joint, hopefully that will be enough, combined with the downward weight to hold everything in place.

Where the holes really became an issue was with trying to secure the cross pipe that goes through the drum. I followed the instructions about putting the drum and frame on end, doing one end, and flipping it over. After some frustration, I got one side, but no matter how much I wrestled it, the other end would not go together. I ended up widening the holes a bit with my drill. I would definitely recommend having a drill on hand when putting this together.

I don’t know how long the frame will last, it’s not terribly well-made or heavy duty, but I’ve seen pictures of replacement stands (made of wood) and I could make a replacement base easy enough. The drum is decent and hopefully should last several years. It slides easily enough to get it open, without being so loose that I worry about it blowing off or sliding off accidentally. The drum spun easily enough about a third full. I think the brown would have been better looking, but even so, the shape and design are nice enough, especially for a back yard.


Color: N/A, did not get the right color

Frame: 2 stars, not very heavy duty, need drill to fix holes, but seems easy enough to replace with wood frame

Drum: batch separator wall a bit flimsy but adequate. No assembly needed for the drum, one molded piece plus sliding lid, seems like it should last, easy to turn so far.

With a brown one and a better-drilled frame, this may have gotten four stars from me. There may be better ones in the over-$200 range, but in its price bracket, it’s a decent choice. Recommended, with the caveats as noted above.

Exactly what I expected ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I put it together easily with the instructions and was a bit worried that it would not stay upright with the sliding top AT the top. It is heavier so kept turning upside down. With the first addition of kitchen scraps, it righted itself and now no problems. I also like that there are two sections so that you can start two loads of compost at different times.

… is ok but was missing screws and directions were poor although it was pretty simple to figure out ~ reviewed by shopgirl

This is ok but was missing screws and directions were poor although it was pretty simple to figure out.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Linda in Riverview

It is very simple and easy to use…I love it ..perfect for my 50’x50′ gardening plot…

Product arrived and assembled as advertised ~ reviewed by dean conrad

We are seeing rapid progress in our compost pile. We expect to have great fertilizer in time for our first, weather delayed crop.
We have had other composters. The secured inserts on the turning mechanism is an improvement over our last composter, however we would like to see an even better reinforcement at the axis. The double sided containers and the unit symmetry are a plus. It spins very well. I recommend this product.Buy it at Amazon

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