Akro-Mils Akrobins – 4-1/8 X10-7/8 X4″ – Lt. Blue – Lt. Blue – Lot of 12 Reviews

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Product Description

Reinforced rib design prevents spreading when storage bins are stacked or loaded. Waterproof, oil-, and chemical-resistant AKRO-MILS Polypropylene AkroBins are guaranteed not to break! Extra-wide stacking ledge prevents slippage. Hanger lip at rear for use with louvered panels. Includes molded slots for ID labels. Optional dividers increase versatility. ISO 9001/9002. Order bins in quantities specified, priced each.

Customer Reviews

Stackable Part Storage Bins ~ reviewed by BigCheese

These bins are sturdy enough for industrial application and stack securely, yet they separate without any fuss. They are compact in front so many can be stacked side by side on a shelf, and they are relatively deep from front to back so they have good capacity to hold a lot of small parts. I am very pleased with these bins and I bought 3 dozen to re-organize my shop. I will certainly buy more of these if I need additional storage.

Strong, attractive ~ reviewed by C. Yu

Good, sturdy plasti. Well made. Small, though, so if you stack them you’ll have a hard time sticking your hand inside or seeing what’s in there. That’s not a flaw, just an FYI,

I just got these today and they are a perfect size for me I already had some larger one’s … ~ reviewed by jeffstewart

I just got these today and they are a perfect size for me I already had some larger one’s I got them about five years ago but could never find anymore I looked in every hardware store all I could find was cheap thin junk then I got an idea to look on amazon and I couldn’t believe you could get all these different sizes I have already bought fourteen different sizes plus these there is nothing cheap about these there heavy-duty and well worth the money I would recommend these to everyone they can be used everywhere great product.

Love them! ~ reviewed by Michelle W

Perfect. I was worried I might not be able to fit this guy with the 5″ plastic storage bin- in a drawer that was only 15.3″ long.
To my surprise I was able to make them fit. I would say the dimensions are a bit off (because the bottom is a bit narrower).
I used these guys to organize medical drawers at work (for laryngoscopes, endotracheal tubes), shaver etc.

super for organizing and nice looking in the shop ~ reviewed by Red Rae Lee

My husband is in Metal Works and has his own business. He ordered these and the red ones plus the unit to hold them on the
wall. All nails, screws, bolts, and odd pieces are organized and he can find what he needs at a glance now…super for organizing and nice looking in the shop. Great items!! R.Lee

Perfect and exactly as described ~ reviewed by Daniel C.

Perfect and exactly as described. I didn’t realize it when I purchased them, so it’s my own fault, but they only have slots for front-to-back dividers, but it’s not a major problem. They’re sturdy, stack well, and have allowed me to organize part of my workspace which had been a jumbled mess. Great buy.

Bin’s do their job perfectly ~ reviewed by J. Mitchell

Bins performed exactly as I would have expected them to. I had A wall mounting rail that was used on a similar product and these units snapped right into place on this rail. Seem sturdy and I am sure they will last me a while.

They work fine and look great, but are too expensive for what they are. ~ reviewed by B. Moore

They are good little bins. Overpriced for molded plastic though, but if you have a specific purpose that these will fit, they should do the trick. Still, they are too expensive for what they are.

Arko Mills made in USA ~ reviewed by Allen Knack

What more can I say. I gave it 4 stars because the dividers don’t stay in unless you glue them (use Goop glue). They are much better than the cheap made ones from overseas.

great for organizing ~ reviewed by Armando martinez

This item was great for organizing many small things around the house and in the garage. cool and super awesomeBuy it at Amazon

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