4pc Soil Sieve Set (not for food), Stainless Steel 12″ diameter Reviews

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Product Description

SOIL SIEVE SET This sieve set consists of a 12inch diameter by 3inch high stainless steel frame with three interchangeable screens of 4, 5, and 10 meshes per inch. Use to grade soils for layering and to remove fine compacting dust that inhibits proper drainage.

Customer Reviews

Soil Sieve saves soil-not just for Bonsai ~ reviewed by N.S.

Where has this been all my life! I do a lot of gardening and there are a lot of stones that made it difficult and I usually ended up throwing good soil away with the rocks. But no more. With the soil sieve I just fill it with soil, shake it and then throw the remaining stones away and am left with a beautiful pile of clean dirt. (I know-oxymoron) It’s fast and kind of fun. My only suggestion would be they make it a little bigger. Don’t be misled by “Bonsai”. I use it outdoors and I have multiple gardens.

Great for compost too ~ reviewed by Andrew Wilcox

When you compost, the organic material will break down at different rates, so you end up with a pile that’s mostly dirt but also contains things like wood that take longer to breakdown. This sieve is a great way to separate the dirt from the other things that are not-dirt-just-yet. I recently composted some leaves that had sat on my pea gravel driveway over the winter. Unfortunately, when I was raking up the leaves, I also raked up a lot of gravel. This sieve comes with three screens, so when I was shifting that compost pile, I choose a screen size that kept the gravel from falling through. Very handy indeed!

If you have a lot of compost, this is not the quickest way to separate the dirty from the not-dirt-just-yet. The reason I gave this item 4 stars and not five is that the walls of the sieve aren’t very high which limits the amount of material you can sort through at one time. All-in-all a great product that I would certainly recommend to others.

Perfect for my Square Foot Garden ~ reviewed by Michael

I recently had 2 cubic yards of “engineered topsoil” delivered to my house. It’s great stuff (80% compost, 20% sand and clay) but had a little too much bulk (pieces of wood, a few rocks, clumps of clay) for my liking. I had this sifter overnighted from Amazon (I’m impatient) and it worked perfectly for filtering out the bulk from the soil. The sifting was even fun! I originally hoped for something bigger but now that I’ve used it I think anything bigger would be too much of a back breaker. I attached an image to this product so you can see the before and after.

Not so stainless ~ reviewed by networkguru

When you see stainless steel, you generally make the assumption that means rust proof. In fact, on wikipedia, the opening sentence “Stainless steel does not corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does” would cement that generally held belief.

Sadly, I have had this sieve set only one season, outdoors in Texas, and all three mesh screens are beginning to corrode, and there is rust on the support cross-beams that sit under the screen already.

I’m not doing anything odd as far as I can tell – I use these for sifting bonsai soil elements. Unfortunately, our summers bring on very high outdoor humidity, and I would guess that’s where the rust comes from.

IF I had known that these would rust, I would have kept them inside in the garage. I’m not sure that would have been a perfect solution, but it might have helped. If you buy these, I suggest that you keep them where they will be dry, and not in a humid environment. In this case, Stainless Steel isn’t so stainless. They will rust.

Happy Gardening.

Good sieve for home use… ~ reviewed by GREG C

I purchased this sieve set to use to sort worm castings from the worms and worm cocoons. The set is not industrial quality by no means, but should be stout enough for most home use. The sieve mesh is perfect for sorting out compost or castings and makes easy work of it if the mixture is not too wet. A big feature to this sieve is that it will fit perfectly into a five gallon bucket so you can process directly into the bucket. I am sure these will come in handy for several other yard jobs around the house.

Great for archaeology ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

As an archaeologist in Alaska I appreciate the relative compactness and different screen size. Holds just about one full shovel of dirt from the endless testing we seem to do. Being able to buy replacement screens is a plus.

Great product that does exactly what it should ~ reviewed by Elijah

I’m so glad I bought this. I’m actually purchasing two more for a friend and my father.

The size is perfect to separate soil from debris or rocks. Three different mesh screens let you control the size of the finished product. I use this sieve to separate my worm castings from the bedding. I run everything through the large-mesh screen, and put the pieces that are too big back into the worm bin. I then re-run the collected castings through the small-mesh screen to get the most amazing finished product. I’ve ever seen. The small-mesh screen will actually let the castings through while keeping the cocoons from passing. I put anything that doesn’t pass through the small-mesh screen back into the bin and use the castings as a great side-dress or to make vermicompost tea.

I highly recommend this product for anyone that needs to separate any kind of soil in smaller amounts.

Well Made Sieve ~ reviewed by Robert Zabokrtsky

I am using these to clean aquarium gravel when changing the gravel out of tanks. they are well made and don’t bend when loading them up with the gravel, which can be sort of heavy. The interchangable screens are very handy, stay secure in the ring, but are easy to change out when you need to. Very satisfied.

Just Great! ~ reviewed by Darien

What you see it’s what you get. A must for bonsai and orticulture entusiasts everywhere. Sift sizes in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 of inch makes a breeze to prepare mixes from coarse to hose big pots to very fine to the top layer or to those plants that need very sandy, dry mix. 5 star product, if you’re in the patio, bonsai or even for curing that great homemade compost you do it’s the perfect tool; 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Does a good job… ~ reviewed by G-Dub

I bought this product to sift home-threshed wheat berries, to remove stems and other foreign matter, and it does a great job. While this is an “off-label” use, I’m not as concerned about contamination from this as much as I am from processed foofstuffs. As described by other reviewers, it fits right over a plastic 5gal pail so nothing is lost from the “lowers” if that’s what you are interested in keeping. Seems to be sturdy and generally well-made.Buy it at Amazon

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