4D TOUGHTOOLS Pruning Shears Titanium Red Reviews

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Product Description

Professional Grade Titanium Blade Bypass Pruning Shears
The 4D TOUGH TOOLS Manual Hand Pruner has a comfortable, light, sturdy handle made of forged aluminum. The blade is made of high-quality hardened steel and titanium, which allows clean, precise cuts. Designed with a groove to draw sap from the cut to prevents the blade from sticking. It saves time and makes pruning easier by removing sap and debris after each cut. The 4D TOUGH TOOLS bypass pruning shears are optimized so that the force transfers from the handles through the angled head providing maximum force with minimal effort.
These 4D TOUGH TOOLS pruners are the highest standard available. The first choice of landscape professionals, nursery workers, and master gardeners everywhere. The anvil blade has a deep sap groove to prevent sticking. A German style designed precision-made cutting blade with titanium edge is the best that money can buy. An easily-adjusted bolt and nut allow users to customize blade alignment for more efficient operation. A rubber cushion with shock absorbing pads is designed to reduce impact and strain on the hand and wrist. Strong, light, forged-aluminum alloy handles have a red, plastic coating that’s molded for comfort and insures a firm grip, (and makes pruners easier to spot in the garden). A non-corrosive spring mechanism will not rust from exposure to moisture.
Ideal for trimming trees, bushes, and all woody plants. The 4D TOUGH TOOLS smooth, soft action, ergonomic comfort, and exceptional durability make it the best value on the market. They are covered by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. We are absolutely confident that with proper care, these pruners will provide a lifetime of satisfied use..
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Customer Reviews

Super sharp and good grip ~ reviewed by M. Erb

Great, Heavy Duty Pruning Shears ~ reviewed by Vyshtia

Nice quality, heavy duty pruning shears. ~ reviewed by Frogsong

Very heavy duty pruning shears. Comfortable handles and sharp blades helps to make pruning easier and faster. They feature titanium coated carbon stainless steel blades. There is a lock so that you can lock them into a closed position when not in use. Ergonomically designed to prevent hand fatigue while using. I gave these to my husband since he does the majority of the pruning around here, and he loves them. He said they cut very well and with little pressure. I used them to prune a few branches off our wisteria vines and it was very easy even with my tiny hands.
This pruning shear is heavy duty and made with quality materials. They look and feel like they will last a very long time.
Sample provided for review.

These pruners have an intimidating cutting edge! ~ reviewed by I Do The Speed Limit

These are very impressive pruners. The blade is thick and reinforced. The mechanism is substantial. The gripping handles are long, hefty and rubber-coated. I would not call these ergonomic, because they are not padded anywhere and the only contours are where your fingers lay when you make a fist around the handles. But maybe ergonomic is not necessary, because this tool has a cutting edge that will cause your rose bushes, hedges and shrubs to quiver in anticipation.

I would think these are best used for woody branches 3/4″ and under.

*I received a free product from 4D Toughtools for review.

Sturdy and work great ~ reviewed by Squeal

These are some heavy duty shears! They are strong, made to last, and they cut through branches with ease. Made for big hands, these are big shears and may take some getting used to if you have smaller hands.

The shears are easy to use as they cut easily, and I experienced no fatigue or cramping using them. The no slip grip prevented my hand from slipping at any time. These are by far the best shears either I or my husband have used. If you want some pruning shears that would put others to shame, this is a great buy.

Sample received in exchange for honest review.

Make quick work of pruning the shrubs ~ reviewed by J. Chambers


I paid cash american for mine. i was not given 1 for free in exchange for an “unbiased” review. Now reviews are tricky… all those merchants who bombard me with e-mails wanting a review as soon as I take delivery can go scratch my elbow. A tool needs to stand the test of time. Now, this clippers seems to have a nice, strong head and blades…

I am disappointed that the locking mechanism is difficult and requires heroic efforts just to close it.

Has a nice feel in your hand ~ reviewed by Bill

This is a high quality product that should provide years of service. Has a nice feel in your hand. Hope the closing mechanism holds up long term. For the price it should have been packaged in a box with instructions. It came in a cheap plastic bag, which was very disappointing!

Too bad as it was cutting well at first ~ reviewed by KenO

Have been using for a week cutting dead branches. The blade is already nicked and worn. Close inspection shows that the center portion of the blade interferes with the lower anvil so that it no longer has an edge. Too bad as it was cutting well at first.

You may have pruning shears already, but these outperform all ~ reviewed by Grady Harp

Probably everyone who has even a semblance of a garden (even pots on a balcony to large lawns) has a couple of sets of pruning shears. Some of them are expensive (like Fiskars et al) and in too short a time both cramp your hands while using them on big branches or grow dull and rusty from frustrated disuse. Now 4D TOUGH TOOLS conquers all those problems.

These pruning shears feel so comfortable in the hand due to the ergonomic design that they make you feel as though you could work with them all day. The grip is outstanding – firm, solid, yet they don’t ‘stick’ when you’re half way though cutting a branch. The cutting blades are hardened forged stainless steel, obviating rust or getting dull. The body and handle are aluminum with a fine covering to protect from getting blisters.
What really matters though is the performance while you’re working. These very comfortable shears cut precisely and cleanly – even excellent for topiary work or delicate potted Bonsai trimming. Heavy duty, safe, comfortable and reliable. The top of the line for pruning shears. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, June 15

These shears were sent to me gratis for an unbiased review.Buy it at Amazon

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