22 Flat Tines Adjustable Rake Head – Head Only Reviews

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Product Description

3524000/UCM Handle Sold Separately Features: -Adjustable rake (head only).-Use with the Interlocken system handles (See SKUs BKU1003, BKU1000, BKU1008 and BKU1027).-Instantly adjustable tines.-22 flat spring tines.

Customer Reviews

A Great Addition to my Garden Collection ~ reviewed by Barbara I. Karkutt

You just can’t beat WOLF Garten garden tools and the adjustable rake is a welcome addition. Of course you need to have the long handle (which I have along with 2 short handles) for this item (it can be purchased here also). All of their tools snap into either handle.
The mechanism for adjusting the rake from narrow to wide is great and easy to use. If this addition is anything like the rest of my collection it will not rust which means it will last a long time.

Good reliable Wolf quality ~ reviewed by VULCANO155

I own several Wolf tools and I was looking for a adjustable leaf rake. So this rake seems to fulfill my desires. The mechanic is based on a lever that shifts the pivot up and down in a slotted rail and is locked with a wingnut. That works very good. But I was disappointed about the tines of the rake. They are to soft and flexibel to meet my demands. While raking leafs, needles, sticks and small stones a lot of them will slip because the tines do not have the required strength to grab the waste. I simple leafrake from Home Depot does a better job. But this one can be used under and between small shrubs on borders where other rakes fail to go.

The perfect match for garden care ~ reviewed by Jean Artegui

In the Northwest autumn, for at least 3 months, the leaves are constant, and this is the perfect rake for the continuous job…it is strong and sturdy in any of the adjustment levels, and yet light enough that it doesn’t yank at your lawn (unless you use extra pressure. For heavier duty use, I would recommend the 3535004 Garden Rake.) The quality of Wolf Garten tools is almost unparalleled, and this coming from someone who has owned landscaping businesses for many years, as well as a passion for garden work… I’ve tried almost everything that’s out there, and these tools are about the best investment for long term durability.

This Wolf-Garten product line is excellent. ~ reviewed by Robert C.

The entire line of Wolf-Garten are excellent products. I started 20 years ago with what was the same products, but with a “Scott” brand name. Not sure if back then the entire product line was owner by Wolf-Garten or Scott. They were the same design as today except with the “Scott” name and all the Wolf-Garten red colored components in yellow color, instead. All my initial Scott products are still going strong. I’ve just purchased a host of Wolf-Garten attachments I didn’t have. I highly recommend this Wolf-Garten product line.

brilliant design ~ reviewed by Heydekrug

Great idea, you can use this for big piles of leaves and for delicate work around shrubs and flowers – very durable. Wolf Garten are very well designed products and save storage space with the interchangeable feature. Nice long handle so it is easy on your back – no stooping over. Really admire the quality and clever design of these products

Wolf Garten products ~ reviewed by Dave Stroman

I have a whole collection of the Wolf Garten products and have yet to be dissapointed. Sturdy, effective tools with interchangeable handles that work. The only downside is they are next to impossible to find at the local retailers so selection is limited to none. Thanks goodness for the Internet and Amazon.

Great tool ~ reviewed by David Dean

The adjustable head makes raking all sizes of debris an easy task. The tighter the tines, the more rigid they are, raking gravels out of grass. The wider the tines the more like a traditional rake. Great tool.

Garden Helper ~ reviewed by Elizabeth Burns

This has worked very well for me and has held up superbly. Have since purchased other Wolf Garten items and will again.

Wolf Garten Adjustable rake. ~ reviewed by Steve G

We have valued this line of garden tools for many years. The quality is impressive and they all do just what we need.

Not the best. ~ reviewed by loki

Heavy and not as stiff as it should be. Wide setting is not very wide. Mediocre at best.Buy it at Amazon

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