1 pc Bon-sai or Bud Trimmer, Trim Small Leaves and Flowers Reviews

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Product Description

Bonsai pruner trimmer. Mini trimming shears are perfect for bonsai, pruning houseplants, anywhere a small razor sharp pruner is needed. Only 4″ long, mini shear has razor sharp stainless steel blades, cuts effortlessly using scissor action. Also very handy for the fisherman’s tackle box, sewing box, etc. Shipping weight – .2 lb.

Customer Reviews

Wonderful company ~ reviewed by Katie

The bud trimmer is wonderful but even more wonderful is the company. We thought there was a problem, (item not received) and they sent a replacement trimmer immediately. We were wrong, it was received, when I told them they said to keep item as a gift. What wonderful customer service. I will use them again.

Pretty good for its use ~ reviewed by K. Debusk

This product is as described, it shipped fast and in great condition. The construct of it is a little simple kind of like spring loaded scissors. This is perfect for your bonsai tree if you want to cut off certian leaves or very small green branches. I use this for my chinese elm and it works great for cutting off fresh limbs. There are to small to cut any heavier branches though so dont try as you will scar your bonsai. all in all if you want a cheaper trimmer but one that will last you i would go with this one.

Bonsai Starter ~ reviewed by Susan

Very happy with the quick delivery and quality for the price. Works well with the other 2 products that I purchased to get started.

Good product ~ reviewed by M. Fletcher

These are a little bigger than I imagined, but they still do the trick for trimming our bonsai. They came all lubed up and ready to go. Haven’t used them that much yet, but they seem like they’ll last.

Bonsai Bud Trimmer ~ reviewed by Diane Dinning Stiffler

Very sharp and effective. Easily trim buds and stems on your bonsai trees with these and they stay sharp. Might be a bit flimsy on older thicker bonsai’s with thicker limbs.

Very Small, Very Sharp, Precise Cuts ~ reviewed by B. Good

I was a bit surprised when I first opened the package and saw how small these are. They are about 4″ in length. The blades are razor sharp and slice through leaves and small non-woody branches with ease. They come in a small pouch and had a light coat of oil to protect the metal.

+ Small
+ Super Sharp
+ Small Case
+ Comes Lightly Oiled
+ Inexpensive

- No Negative On This One

_Bottom Line_ Yes, I would definitely recommend these to a friend and if they become too dull to use, I will probably just buy a new pair for $5 or give a shot at sharpening. I was disappointed to see how small they are at first but after using them on my 6 year old bonsai tree I realized how useful it is to have such a small tool. I am able to trim with precision and avoid bumping or accidentally cutting other areas of the tree.

Love it! ~ reviewed by Christina Decker

This tool is for trimming Bonsai trees or buds. It is very easy to use and cuts great. I used it immediately after receiving it and it worked just as advertised. It was sharp and easy to cut with.

sharp and effective ~ reviewed by Mary JaneTully

I wasn’t expecting much when I ordered this but I was impressed at how sharp and easy it was to use. I have a small bonsai which it has been very useful in trimming.

small but sharp ~ reviewed by Penny

I guess since this is designed for bonsai, it is very small. But it works well for bud trimming & dead-heading. I like the crispness of it’s action.

12 trimmers for $6! ~ reviewed by Daniel Pangione

I didnt realize this item contained 12 trimmers when I thought I was ordering just one. Good deal for the price and very sharp trimmers, plus I gave the other 11 out to my friends.Buy it at Amazon

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