Lifetime 65009 650-Pound Capacity Dumping Yard Cart/Trailer Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Product Description

The Lifetime Yard Cart is much more than a wheelbarrow; it’s a towable yard trailer. This heavy-duty wheelbarrow is designed with a steel tongue assembly that converts from push handle to towing hitch. Save your back– use your riding mower or tractor to haul those heavy loads of topsoil or building materials. We are proud that our heavy-duty wheelbarrow is made of quality construction with 100% post-consumer recycled material and a powder-coated steel frame to resist rusting. The heavy-duty 15 in. treaded tires are mounted on 6 in. wheels with ball bearing hubs for smooth movement. For the ultimate heavy-duty wheelbarrow, invest in the Lifetime Yard Cart. Life just got easier. Built in the USA with US and Foreign Parts.

Customer Reviews

Cart-tacular! ~ reviewed by Jif

I’ve owned one of these Lifetime convertible yard carts for several years now (bought it at a great price thru a membership club) and have been extremely pleased with it. Unlike others that used it a little, I’ve put this thing thru the paces! At first I used it more as a hand cart and pushed it around instead of hooking it up to my lawn N garden tractor. I’ve used this cart as a storage unit and work bench when hauling my tools from the garage or shed and working in the yard building things. I’ve strapped 8ft long (and a few longer!) lumber down across the top and hauled the wood from driveway to back yard. Fencing, cement bags, concrete blocks, pavers, dirt, landscaping stones all have been hauled with absolutely no problem. I’m talking several hundred pound loads at a time so it definitely has the capacity and capability to live up to the specs. I wore myself out, but the cart didn’t fade at all. It even stood up to the horrible heat and UV blasting of Texas w/o a sign of weakening or melting. I can’t say that about other poly carts I’ve owned and threw out. Used it in cooler temps, too, but not frigid ice and snow conditions … yet. ;-) I’m sure it won’t complain, tho.

After all this time, I’ve only managed to have one small issue pop up and it was a crack near the last stake hole. I had a heavy load of dirt and stones and was trying to dump the rest out of the end by picking up the tongue and lifting the trailer. That put a lot of stress on the end “tailgate” area and the sides. That’s the worst of it after enduring the punishment. The tires seem to hold air quite long and only need an occasional boost of a few pounds. The cart has been kept outside and inside a hot shed and never complained. I wish my lawn tractor’s battery was that reliable. HA!

About the company – One of the knobs was lost by movers I hired about a year ago and even after that time, Lifetime was happy to help me out with a replacement part and sent it right out. Excellent support.

Everyone that has seen this cart has asked about it. I’m in a new location (rental house) for now and even the new landlord wants one! hahaha. No problem recommending it, but I won’t give mine up. Go out and get your own and be ready to get things done.

Poor design ~ reviewed by K. Hayward

Was given this cart for Christmas. The first time I pulled it behind my lawn tractor, it dumped a load of chicken feed. Anything heavy has to be in front of the tipping point! The second time I used it, I converted it to a push cart. This was a pain, because you have to move multiple bolts. Two bolts have twist knobs for easy removal, but the rest don’t. You’re going to need a couple of wrenches. And then the same thing happened… dumped the load right in the driveway. The latch is just too weak to hold. The workaround, because I really needed to use the cart, was to hold the top/frame assembly together with a hose clamp at the latching mechanism.

Just ok, be careful if you live in cold climate. ~ reviewed by John

I just bought this for carting firewood to the house. On one cold day 25°F I was loading firewood into the cart and the firewood created a hole in the plastic dump bin. The plastic is not as thick as it should be and when it is cold it gets brittle. I would not recommend buying this item if you live in a cold climate. Also the fact that the latch for dumping is very weak, it will dump on you at almost any momnent. I need to figure out how to bolt it, so it won’t dump. This is not a rugged cart beware!

Great cart – Good value ~ reviewed by JerryE

This is a nice cart/wheelbarrow. Too bad it is a discontinued item. Use of a small “C” clamp will prevent accidental dump of load. Best to keep 60% or more of load weight on or forward of the axle. I expect this will last me for many years.

NIce cart for the money with one exception ~ reviewed by William Sunter

NIce cart for the money with one exception; the locking mechanism. Unit unlocks and dumps anytime you encounter a bumpy surface when transporting a load uphill. Perhaps a stronger spring it needed to keep it in place, or a deeper groove/catch in the locking lever. Either way, I had to tie it in place to stop this from happening. Otherwise I am satisfied with it.

Self dumping POS ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

Ok Ive read others reviews and I can only assume nobody has pulled this (under load) with their tractor.
If you have more weight behind the pivot point the latch with let go. This means your load of gravel will automatically dump in your garden. I double checked my installation. I must return it. Too bad because it seemed to me of good quality except for the dump latch.

Nice Yardcart/trailer ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

So far so good. Easy to put together {a second person helps}. Hooked it to my John Deere, works great. Fill it up with dirt, it towed great. Dumping mechanism is so-so. But other than that, I am happy.

Awesome tool ~ reviewed by kudzu63

I would love (5 stars love) if it weren’t for a couple of small problems. First let me say that it is one hell of a cart/wheelbarrow. I haven’t been able to put anything in it that it won’t handle. With my old lawnmower, I could put so much in it that it wouldn’t pull it. I remedied that by getting a new mower. The ONLY problems that I’ve had aren’t really problems more like dislikes. When you have it in the wheelbarrow position, the handles are a bit high for comfortable carrying. I’m 6′ tall and it’s still a bit high for me. The other and worse problem is when it’s in the trailer position it has some slack in the tongue. When you load it and are going along and hit a bump it WILL dump on you without warning and you have to load it all over again. I solved this little problem by using a small welding clamp to hold it until I got to where I actually wanted to dump. Other than that I highly recommend this for anyone that wants a quality built addition to their lawn/garden tools.

Lifetime 65009 650-Pound Capacity Dumping Yard Cart/Trailer ~ reviewed by Candace S Brown

i bought this Lifetime 65009 650-Pound Capacity Dumping Yard Cart/Trailer in April of 2012 on my wife’s account. it was easy to assembly. i was gutting the basement and used the cart to move the debris from the walk out basement, around to the dumpster in front of the house. most of it was bagged and pretty heavy. i could get 4 contractor bags in at a time. not sure how much weight exactly but would estimate 200lbs +. the cart handled it with ease and pulled just fine with out being tippy, up the hill and over uneven ground. i am VERY happy with the heavy construction and the ease of use when using as a wheel barrow. would highly recommend the product.

This is a great barn/yard wheel barrow ~ reviewed by Rudi

Took about an hour to put together but the directions are clear and you only need a few tools. Easy project. This cart rolls easy, is hard to get off balance and you are able to get an amazing amount of material in it. I have been using it to clean out horse stalls and it is working great. No more sticking the nose of a wheel barrow in the dirt. Highly recommend this product. And it arrived on time and in great shape.Buy it at Amazon

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Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow, 6.5 Cubic Feet Capacity Reviews

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4.1 out of 5 stars based on 68 customer reviews

Product Description

When you are ready to work, count on the Lifetime Wheelbarrow to help you get the job done. The wheelbarrow’s 6.5-cubic -Feet tub is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, and has a load capacity of 550 pounds. The ingenious design enables this wheelbarrow to lighten your toughest loads. Unlike regular wheelbarrows, the extra-wide wheel base and low center of gravity provide better load stability; distributing 85% of the load weight to the wheels and only 15% to the operator. The front of the tub is also tapered, making dumping loads easier. At Lifetime, we appreciate great engineering as much as you appreciate a great lawn and garden! And like all our products, the Lifetime Wheelbarrow is built to last. The wheelbarrow’s heavy-duty tub is strong and durable, with a powder-coated steel frame which is protected against rust and general weathering. You can rely on the Lifetime Wheelbarrow to help lighten your workload, year after year.

Customer Reviews

A little overpriced, quality not as expected ~ reviewed by S. Cross

This is reasonably well balanced, but (like any other wheelbarrow), you won’t be able to push it up even a slight incline with anything over about a 200lbs load.
The problem is that the handles are wide and you just can’t push with any force. A cross-bar to slip over the handles would no doubt help with this, and could be made pretty easily.
I used it to move 10+ yards of topsoil and had to pull it a lot of the time on inclines, but for grass, branches etc it’s fine.
The metal pieces seem cheaply made, with the “powder coating” being paper thin – it’s more like paint. A few scrapes on concrete and the front is already rusting.
Assembly was indeed a bit of a pain, and I think one of the arms on mine is bent slightly. And the wheels are now squeaking (time for an oiling I guess).

My biggest gripe is that I have no idea why a few bits of cheap bent metal, a plastic bucket and a couple of wheels should cost so much. I was expecting better quality for my money.

Best wheelbarrow I’ve ever used ~ reviewed by artwist

This is so much easier to use than a regular 1-wheel wheelbarrow, or even a regular 2 wheel! I have used many different wheelbarrows on my quest to find the perfect one, and for me this is it. I was skeptical at first, formerly being a one-wheel advocate, but this turns on a dime, is easy to lift and move even when heavily loaded, and has none of the problems of a standard 2-wheeler. It’s fairly easy to assemble (having an assistant was helpful). It’s a little on the pricey side but I was able to find a good deal on Cyber Monday. I now have two– one for barn, one for garden. The first one I have owned for over 2 years. I use one or the other every day and I could not be be happier.

Solid made product. ~ reviewed by retired early

Yes, this wheelbarrow is wellmade. Using two wheels makes it work so much better than one. It was not to hard to put together. But you you may need a second person to help you when lining up the bolts to the bottom and wheel assembly. I used a good packing tape on the bottom of the bolts to keep them in place while merging the wheel assemby to the body of the wheelbarrow. All I can say is, if you looking for a wellmade , easy to handle, won’t rust wheelbarrow, this is the one for you.

Tub cracked ~ reviewed by Ric

Pushed River rock from bed of pickup into wheelbarrow and cracked the tub. Less than a year old. Easy to maneuver. Wish fhe tub was stronger.

but if you would like to file a Warranty Claim you will need to … ~ reviewed by ddsd

I got the lifetime wheelbarrow for Christmas & didn’t assemble it till spring had sprung. With the leaves mostly gone I am ready to put the wheelbarrow away for the winter & it is badly rusted under the paint less than 6 months out of the box. This wheelbarrow will obviously not last for my lifetime & I am an old man. With the cost of this thing & the obvious defect I would expect the company to send me a replacement handle assembly. There response below telling me to kiss off & that they wont support there product (I can paint it) (with rustolium) … Thanks for nothing. Works OK ,quality & support makes it worth a fraction of the price. I will start looking for a replacement having learned an expensive lesson about this company.

Rust isn’t normally covered by warranty, but if you would like to file a Warranty Claim you will need to include your model number and product id number from the instructions, along with a copy of the receipt. Also include your telephone number.

If you prefer to remedy the problem yourself, I would suggest you sand any rusted area and then try to match the paint as closely as possible, using a paint such as Rust-Oleum.

Thank you,
Lifetime Products
Customer Service

Worth the Exra Money? ~ reviewed by The Dude

I would have to say yes. According to some reviewers, less expensive two wheeled wheelbarrows with plastic tubs sometimes do not hold up. Once you have used a two wheeled wheelbarrow you will not want to go back to using a one wheeled wheelbarrow. Everything is much easier with a two wheeled model. The handles mount to a ridgid tubular frame, not the plastic tub, so there is very little flex in this wheelbarrow. If you are in a postion to spend $169 on a wheelbarrow you will probably thank yourself for purchasing it everytime you use it. I can not speak to the long term durability of this product, but so far, the ownership experience has been very good. One warning about any wheelbarrow with a plastic tub, they do not like cold weather. Do not stress the plastic tub in cold weather. For example, throwing large pieces of firewood into the plastic tub in cold weather could lead to cracking it. Treat the plastic tub a little more gently in cold weather.

Best wheelbarrow I’ve owned ~ reviewed by BSH

I’m tall so most wheelbarrows dig into the ground if I don’t lean over. This one doesn’t do that, plus it’s light and easy to handle.

Disappointed with this product ~ reviewed by Walter J. Nieliwocki

Disappointed with this product. While it was relatively easy to put together, it is a two person job. It worked as advertised, but apparently cannot handle heavy loads. I used it for moving some firewood around on two or three occasions. After the third use, the bottom of the wheelbarrow tub cracked in several places. Not what I expected from a relatively expensive heavy duty wheelbarrow.

Lifetime did replace the cracked tub within 3 weeks of being notified.

not so sure ~ reviewed by Judy Agner

For a wheelbarrow this expensive, I expected it to be (1) easier to put together and (2) better ergonomics. The assembly instructions are pictures with little text and it is very hard to line up the bolts through handles and barrow. Two adults with good mechanical abilities lost almost two hours of their lifetime on this assembly. the handles are too far apart making it hard to use good body mechanics while pushing.

Great Customer Service ~ reviewed by terbach

This is a great wheelbarrow and it comes with great customer service. We had a small problem with a part on the wheelbarrow and even though I had lost the receipt, the customer service department was able to ship me a new one for free! I love how there are two wheels on this wheel barrow so that smaller people don’t have to worry about uneven loads turning over. It’s also great that it is plastic and won’t rust outside!Buy it at Amazon

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United General WH89695 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic-Feet (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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3.2 out of 5 stars based on 14 customer reviews

Product Description

Top quality wheelbarows at a great price. United General produces contractor grade products that also perform for the homeowner and gardener.

Customer Reviews

An excellent wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Chuck

Hopper/handles arrived one day and I thought I might have to contact Amazon to get everything else. Thankfully the wheel and mounting hardware arrived the next day.

I have a very similar wheelbarrow which was a huge help to look at when installing everything for this one. Installation instructions are on a small piece of paper which used terms for the various parts for which I had no clue.

Installing everything still took about 1.25 hrs. If you buy this wheelbarrow save yourself some grief and download the Amazon picture of it so you’ll what goes where and what is attached to what.

Amazon dropped ball on this one! ~ reviewed by Aurie Allen

I am sure this product will serve its purpose,if we can ever put together..Delivered package came with box heavily taped together, obviously a return. No instructions, packing slip, etc whatsoever! Because it is missingsevrral parts,we have to go to Lowes to purchase them, in order to finish putting together..cheaper to do that than return.. I have been amazon prime member for several years and frequently order. Extremely disapointed in Amazonon this one and have no doubt no one from Amazon will read or respond to my complaint.

Cheap ~ reviewed by Thomas M. Humphryes

I wanted to replace a poly wheelbarrow I used hard for 19 years and this seemed very similar. The poly tub is quite pliable and winds up twisting a bit when assembled. The bolts provided if cranked tight on their own would probably press through the poly tub. I didn’t want to take that chance so I put some larger washers on them to give it more surface contact. The rear holes in the rails were not aligned with the rear holes in the tub by over half an inch so I had to drill new holes in the rails. Assembly instructions are poor at best. Unless you’re good at improvising and aren’t going to use this wheelbarrow for anything too heavy (probably good for mulch), this isn’t something you want to get.

Follow up. I just used it for the first time today to move dirt. On a full load the frame twisted even though all the bolts were secure. Walking half a load you can feel how flimsy the frame is, wanting to bend to either side as you walk with it. My advice would be to avoid this product, period.

Quality Control??? ~ reviewed by Renee & Bill

I can’t really review this product, since all I received were 3 sets of wooden handles, no hardware, no tub, and no wheel. The labels all listed the different parts, but 2 of the sets of handles had different part names on the labels. The handles were returned today, and a new order was submitted. Time will tell if the correct parts are pulled from the shelves and shipped.

Light and sturdy ~ reviewed by Alessandro Catorcini

It was not an easy assembly, but once it is done, it does its job flawlessly. It can handle uneven sloped terrain easily and carries quite a haul comfortably.

Good value ~ reviewed by Sergiy

Instruction might be better but even with current instruction I assembled wheelbarrow in less than half an hour. Construction of wheelbarrow might be better with full load of dirt it feels unstable… If you load 80% of the load it would be ok. But wait… it only costs 40$ (at walmart + 4$ shipping) and for that money I am happy with my purchaise!

Hauling wood has never been more Easy. ~ reviewed by Becky Ryan-Willis

This exactly does what we wanted to use it for. We burn wood in the winter with 2 woodstoves and hauling in wood became very hard. Now that we have this wonderful wheelbarrow, it has taken 1/2 of the time for my husband to do so. The price was right in our ball park so we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Terrible. It came with no instructions parts feel cheap ~ reviewed by Ronald Horowitz

Terrible. It came with no instructions parts feel cheap, and it requires at a minimum two people and two hours to put together. I highly recommend you either buy one local that is preassembled or at least buy a set that comes with instructions.

One Star ~ reviewed by amanda hastings

Plastic barrow is flimsy and makes it very hard to operate when moving large or semi heavy items

Dimensions Misleading or Totally Incorrect ~ reviewed by Edison Eye

This wheelbarrow doesn’t suit my needs. I was expecting a wheelbarrow that was 21 1/2″ wide just right to fit through my new sliding glass door. Perhaps you should be more clear about the measurements you provide and where on the wheelbarrow they refer. Almost $34 to ship and it won’t work for me. I haven’t put it together yet as I’m contemplating whether or not I should send it back. Bummer!Buy it at Amazon

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Polar Trailer 8262 HD 1500 Tandem Axle Utility Cart, 98 by 54 by 31-Inch Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 24 customer reviews

Product Description

Sometimes two wheels are just not enough! The Polar HD 1500 TA features 4-18″ X 8.5″ tires, high impact polyethylene body, all-steel frame with powder coat finish, off road ball bearings and an extra stable tandem walking arm. Whether you’re hauling in the woods, on the farm, or at a job site, tandem axles help balance big loads, while lending stability and incredible smoothness over any terrain. The “Original Tilt and Pivot Frame” makes it easy to maneuver. Load capacity of 1,500 pounds with an impressive 22 cubic foot load size. Overall dimensions: 98″ X 54″ X 31″.

Customer Reviews

ONE TOUGH TRAILER ~ reviewed by Jerry H. Bond


I’ve struggled with pulling trailers behind ATVs for over 30 years. Metal trailers are noisy and have either rusted or broken. Wooden trailers have rotted. Unstable trailers on rough terrain have been a real pain. Maintaining weight and balance from front to rear so the trailer tongue can be lifted off the ball hitch is a major backache.

The Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle Trailer with 1500-lb. capacity solved all of these problems. This is the best ATV trailer I have ever used. The thick polyethylene bed will not rust or rot and the floating tandem axels are stable on all terrain. The design allows it to be unhooked without dumping the load if you have to go elsewhere on the ATV.

I estimate the volume of the bed to be about 20 cubic feet without the side-rails. This is equal to 4-5 full wheelbarrows and 3/4ths of a ton is more than most small pickups will haul.

Fertilizers and many landscaping and farm chemicals will corrode a metal bed. Not so with polyethylene and the dumping feature is great especially for firewood.

When hauling dirt, gravel or similar loose material, the load will not completely dump. It must be shoveled out. To solve this problem, I place a heavy duty 6′ X 8′ tarp in the trailer before loading. When I dump the load, I simply grab the front of the tarp and pull backwards and the remaining material comes out onto the ground without a problem.

Loads like firewood and bagged products can be stacked twice the height of the trailer using the optional side rails.

Amazon sells this trailer through Northern Tool & Equipment. Since a store was nearby, I saved $165.00 in shipping and picked it up myself. A pickup truck is necessary since the shipping box is 7-feet long and weighs 230 pounds.

With an intermediate knowledge of tools, it takes about an hour to assemble doing the job alone. A deep-well 3/4-inch socket and a large #3 Phillips screwdriver is needed.

You’ll need to pack the wheel-wells with a good quality grease before placing them on the axels. I use #2 Mystic because it is a transparent red grease that doesn’t look like grease when I smear it on my face.

A 2-inch hitch coupler to fit your ball hitch makes life easy.

This is the quietest trailer I’ve ever owned.

In lieu of written instructions, a straight-forward, easy to follow diagram is included showing all components and how they fit together. I like it since instructions written by Chinese who do not speak English tend to confuse me.

After assembly, I coated the truss head bolts that attach the bed to the frame with black polyethylene roofing and flashing sealant. It matches and adheres to the bed well. Allow it to dry for 2 days before use. It is durable and will prevent the zinc coating from corroding after many years of wear and tear.

This trailer is an eye-catcher and draws the interest of other ATV users big time.

The manufacturer is Clam Outdoors in Medina, MN. They did an outstanding job.

Outstanding ~ reviewed by Rob

I’ve been using this to haul soil, mulch, rocks, logs and have really abused it. I’ve rolled it down a hill, hit trees many many times going past and really loaded it to the maximum capacity. It’s getting pretty beat up, but functions perfectly. My ATV hitch setup is bad, so that’s the only problem…but that’s my fault. This is absolutely worth the money.

Wish I would have purchased this years ago. ~ reviewed by Andy Voros

This is an outstanding trailer for yard work. The side racks are a must as the amount of yard waste that it can haul is amazing. Spring and fall yard work is now enjoyable and not a chore.

Great design ~ reviewed by Ronald Brunner

Easy to assemble – done in 30 minutes.
Great design – carries wood logs with no problem and easy to pull with Rancher 4 wheeler.

Love it ~ reviewed by JSuss

We bought this product to put on our ATV’s and although there was huge confusion in shipping it has been a blessing with cutting wood and hauling it away. The item says PRIME shipping but buyers beware bc of the weight it has to be shipped freight and will take much longer then a week or two. It took over a month to get ours. It’s easy to assemble and we love it!

Fabulous utility trailer! ~ reviewed by Carlaleaf

I’ve had this trailer for almost a year now, and I had to write and say that I absolutely LOVE it! We pull it behind our ATV and haul manure, firewood, tools, all kinds of things. We have really put it through some tough work and it is still in great shape! I love that it is light-weight enough that I can maneuver it by hand if needed. I would whole-heartedly recommend this trailer!

definitely buy again ~ reviewed by Jake

Suprised with the sturdiness/ durability, capacity (1500 lbs ) when compared to other similar products . The wide wheel base …floatation tires make it especially adaptable and stable for use off road / soft terrain .Simple easy asssembly .. The sloped rear make for relatively easy dumping but a hinged tail gate and rear rectangular design better suited to more versatile application . It is well balanced light …easy to man handle . A wheeled , cranking ,folding tougue lift /support would be a nice option to further ease handling .

Great trailer! ~ reviewed by Jeff Nemecek

I use this trailer to haul firewood through the woods. The pivoting axel is a must have when trailering through the woods. Trailer goes over fallen branches and small trees without a problem. Holds plenty of firewood with the additional side rails.

Install took about 30 minutes by myself.

Only con that I see is the fact that the trailer does not dump everything in the bed completely. I still will give this 5/5 stars though.

Great Trailer ~ reviewed by JOSEPH HARRIS

Great product – well designed. I think now I could have been served better with the single axle model to eliminate damage to my yard by the tires skidding in turns. Single axle would be easier to manually manipulate and move around.

Beware of Tandem Axle Unit ~ reviewed by H. PHILIPPS

As I assembled the unit, I thought I had finally found a heavy duty trailer that would last a long time. I was wrong. The tandem axle unit is not built sturdy enough to handle a load in soft ground. I had approximately 800-900 lbs. of wood chips in the trailer, pulling it with my ATV in somewhat soft ground and attempted to turn a corner and bent the axle. As with any tandem set of wheels when turning a corner the wheels have to “skid” a little to make the corner, well the wheels did skid somewhat in soft ground but the axle bent as well. Now, the wheels on the left side are canted outward about 12 degrees, which causes a tracking problem with the trailer. Had I not purchased the tandem unit I probably would not have encountered this problem. I will be using it now with the tandem wheels off and only one wheel on each side.Buy it at Amazon

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Ames True Temper C6 6-Cubic-Foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow Reviews

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3.6 out of 5 stars based on 15 customer reviews

Product Description

With 6 cubic feet of hauling capacity, this True Temper wheelbarrow is ideal for homeowners, landscapers and light construction work. The 6 cubic foot seamless steel tray is plenty tough and will provide years of service. Around the house or on the job, this is the right wheelbarrow for the job. 6 cubic foot capacity. Seamless steel tray. 16 inch tubed tire. 60 inch seal coated hardwood handles. Length: 58.75 Width: 25.5 Height: 27

From the Manufacturer

Contractors rely on their wheelbarrows day in and day out. These wheelbarrows must meet the demands of everyday use. They provide reliable service and are constructed with the highest quality specifications. These wheelbarrows are often used to mix and carry cement, stones and other heavy materials.

Customer Reviews

Not Heavy Duty! ~ reviewed by Bob Williamson

This was advertised as being ‘heavy duty’ for contractors. I believe they may have pulled the homeowner version and shipped to me. Handles are weak and supports are thin. This is a $49 wheelbarrow.

Buy this wheelbarrow and save your back! ~ reviewed by littlegull

I purchased this modestly-priced wheelbarrow to help with my spring and summer gardening chores, and it has proven to be very useful. It easily hauls a heavy load of mulch wherever I need it, and is a real asset for other outdoor projects as well. Because of its size it was a little tricky to assemble, and the wheel needs to be inflated to its optimum pressure, but the whole job still took me less than an hour. If you’re looking for a sturdy, no-nonsense wheelbarrow, this would be a good choice.

Price and design ~ reviewed by Matt

Buyers should be aware that this is a light duty wheelbarrow. If you plan on hauling rocks, bricks, and/or concrete, plan on replacing this product within 1-3 years if not sooner. Also, this exact model is $49.97 at Home Depot. I don’t quite understand why it is so much more expensive here. In any event, not bad for small “around the house” stuff.

Doesn’t stand up to real use ~ reviewed by PJMS

This wheelbarrow might be good for light-duty tasks, but anytime I have put a normal-sized load (sand, cement, or even dirt and compost) the wheel bows to either side, and the wheelbarrow tips uncontrollably. The thin metal stand is too weak to support even an 80 lb load properly, especially over bumpy ground. Another problem with this wheelbarrow, is that once you tip the contents, the metal piece in front of the wheel pushes back against the wheel, locking it in place. All of these problems exist even after I have made repeated attempts to tighten the bolts and made sure the tire pressure was correct.
After receiving a 6 yard load of compost this weekend, I had the worst time struggling to keep this wheelbarrow upright, even with loads that were only half full. But the most frustrating part was that the wheel bent under a normal-sized load when I was half-way done, and I wasn’t able to finish the job.
Bottom line: this wheelbarrow is produced cheaply, was not produced with usability or the customer in mind, and cannot withstand normal use. Avoid.

Poorly Crafted JUNK ~ reviewed by Josh

This is one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. Didn’t buy from Amazon, but my hate for it is so extreme that I felt compelled to post a review of it here, when I came across it while looking for a replacement for the worthless piece of trash that I currently have.

Where to begin with this thing? The bucket is constructed of thin metal, not heavy-duty like you’d expect. The metal is so thin that it is flexible, and mine has cracks near the bolt holes that hold the bucket to the frame, the cracks caused by metal fatigue. This has in turn weakened the structure of an already weak design. Next, the assembly materials: there are no lock washers, so if you don’t go out and buy washers and lock washers for every connection, the bolts will loosen themselves and cause the wheelbarrow to become very unstable. This will happen very quickly, the wheelbarrow rattles itself apart, especially the bolts that hold the wheel assembly to the frame. Even after having washers installed, if you actually use this piece of junk for hauling heavy things like concrete, the whole wheelbarrow has a tendency to warp and bend, making it difficult to move and maneuver, and it is untrustworthy when even when sitting on the ground because the whole frame shifts under loads. The tire is thin and was punctured within 10 minutes of using it; I had to go buy a universal, foam filled replacement, which frankly should be standard on something that calls itself a “contractor” version. The little bar in front of the wheel CONSTANTLY twists up or down and will cause the wheelbarrow to stop in its tracks due to the friction it causes on the tire. If you buy this, be prepared to adjust that poorly held bar after dumping every load. No exaggeration. This in turn loosens the bolts holding the bar on, which further destabilizes the wheelbarrow.

There is nothing whatsoever to like about this product. Its first failure happened within an hour of assembling it with the tire friction thing, which caused me to trip and lose a load of concrete. I despise this item, and now I hate the company that sells it. I won’t buy an Ames item or the True Temper brand, I would rather use my bare hands.

Light to medium duty recommended ~ reviewed by R. Severin

Although this is listed as a contractor wheelbarrow, I wouldn’t recommend hauling any very heavy material. The tray is not very heavy duty, and probably would not stand up to much abuse. I have an old Craftsman wheelbarrow with a smaller, but very heavy duty tray. I mix cement in it, haul rocks, bricks, stumps and other heavy materials in it, and it has kept going for over thirty years. I don’t think this one would stand up to such abuse. I’ll use it for mulch, soil, and plants, but nothing heavy, nor will I try to mix cement in it. After I purchased this one, I found a Jackson wheelbarrow (6 cubic feet) at Lowes for the same price. It has a very heavy tray, probably as good as my old Craftsman. Should have done a little more research before making my purchase. I always go for the free shipping and no tax, but it would have been more prudent to pay the tax, and bring on home that was already assembled.

On the assembly note, it wasn’t very hard to do, but after completing it, I noticed that the wheel slipped from side to side on the axle. I placed a call to True Temper, and was able to talk to a very knowledgable lady, who shipped me some wheel spacers. I think these should have been included as part of the original shipment, but it all worked out okay in the end.

If you want a very heavy duty 6 cubic foot wheelbarrow, I recommend the Jackson, not the True Temper.

Medium duty – great for around the house ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I’ve had this for household use for several years with no complaints. Seems sturdy enough when completely full of topsoil.
My bolts recently came loose and I ended up losing a couple and the Axel.
But the True Temper website was super easy to order replacement parts completely FREE! Received them within a week.

It is what it is ~ reviewed by evalese

Same product as listed. Box arrived a little beat up but nothing was damaged. No missing parts. Goes together fairly easily, though the legs were a bit of a bear to pull into place and get bolted down. Nice wheel with simple axle. The wheelbarrow steel isn’t as thick as the one I used as a kid at home (that one is still going strong), but it seems like it will last a long time. Have used it once. Threw stuff in it, moved the stuff, tipped stuff out of it. Seems to be working.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by Walter J Chase


Quality wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by StanleyWinters

Seems to be fairly high-quality all around. Should last longer and be able to handle more than a plastic alternative. Overall the assembly was straight forward. The risers that keep the tray level are plastic molded, I was hoping for something a bit sturdier here. The gauge of the steel is a little thin (mine was dented during shipping), but that will keep the weight down. All in all I can’t complain.Buy it at Amazon

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Ames True Temper C6TC14 6-Cubic Foot Total Control Handle Steel Tray Wheelbarrow Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

Product Description

Innovative Total Control design delivers outstanding comfort and control, particularly going up and down hills or just unloading with better motion and reach. The ergonomic handles make dumping and turning much easier.

Customer Reviews

Solid Construction ~ reviewed by Weekend Craftsman

Being in the market for a wheelbarrow i searched quite a few products and reviews, intending to only have to buy one for quite a long time i wanted to make sure i went with a good product that was functional. The total control handles are a very nice feature. I found a similar model at a local big box hardware store however the tub was plastic which is fine for landscaping where you are carrying mulch (add weight and the tub rips through the bolts). So i decided on a metal bin and metal handle arms. the only non metal parts on this item are the actual handles and the tire. It is very light however it has no problem taking a load of dirt. My only gripe was during the shipping process the tub and handles got some scrapes and dings. My wife reminded me that it was only a wheelbarrow and that it will end up with a few scraps and dings, but i would rather the scratches and dings come from my use. all in all a great product. very pleased with the construction and weight.

Great idea, mediocre quality ~ reviewed by LOCKX112

The handles are a fantastic idea and work great. I have used this for pouring concrete and hauling dirt. Filling this full with dirt bent the metal tray. If they had just made the main tray better and stronger quality than this would be a 5 star wheelbarrow.

Heavy duty wheelbarrow. Arrived somewhat banged up though. ~ reviewed by ljpa

Shipped and received very promptly. Was delivered as two seperate shipments. First the handles in the morning, and the balance later the same evening. All parts were there and seem to be great as far as quality goes.
The bucket and a box containing all the other pieces of the wheelbarrow were packed in a cut and conformed box that had been shaped to the bucket and taped together. It has a few spots where the paint has been scraped along the edges and also inside the “spout” of of the bucket. There is a dent in the lower side of the bucket. It is a wheelbarrow and will have these eventually anyways so I won’t be returning it, but in the future maybe safer packaging is in order to prevent undo damage an item that is purchased new.

Nice Wheelbarrow. Total Control Handles. ~ reviewed by Canis Domum

Design: It is a pretty typical wheelbarrow except for the “Total Control” handles. The tray is black steel. The rails are steel painted red (with a little black) and marked “China”. The nuts and bolts are zinc-plated (not hot-dip galvanized).

Assembly: The total control handles attach easily and securely. The rest of the wheelbarrow is assembled with carriage bolts. Carriage bolts are made with smooth, rounded heads and a square under the head to fit into a square hole in steel or to sink into wood while the nut is turned. These carriage bolts all go into round steel holes so they spin when you try to tighten them. Oddly, two carriage blots have a slot so they can be tightened without spinning. All the others are a nuisance to install. A tip for installing the carriage bolts is to put the bolt into the hole and strike the round head with a hammer. This will start to set the square bolt head into the round hole (the square bites into the edges of the round hole). My previous wheelbarrow had square holes for the carriage bolts.

Ergonomics: Those “Total Control” handles were the reason I selected this model. They are very comfortable and great for dumping the contents of the wheelbarrow forward. Much better than the typical straight handles.

Tire: It is a pneumatic tire, 15.5 inches in diameter. The wheel size is 4.80/4.00-8 (a common size in 6 cubic foot wheelbarrows). The axle hub is 6 inches wide (in case you are looking into a “flat-free” tire to replace it). It does NOT have ball bearings. The tire is the only part I see that is made in China.

Shipping: The wheelbarrow shipped in three parts, a bare steel tray with no padding or packaging, the two steel rails strapped together, and a cardboard box with the tire, nuts, bolts, and small steel parts). The tray came with dents and scratches all over it. The rails had quite a few scrapes through the red paint. The first thing I did was to touch up the paint on all the steel parts.

One thought, my last wheelbarrow rusted out. So, I put paint-on truck bedliner material on the steel tray to protect it from shovel scrapes.

Shipped unwrapped= dented and scratched barrow ~ reviewed by Meg Sumner

Sure, a wheelbarrow is going to get dinged when used in the yard. But I’d prefer to make those dings myself than pay for the privledge of getting a pre-damaged wheelbarrow. This is shipped in three pieces: the metal barrow (which absorbs every scratch and ding UPS can give it), two handles (also unwrapped and unboxed…thus scratched), and a box of the remaining parts. I’ve never seen such awful shipping. I was surprised they didn’t deliver a can of RUST too for the dings.

I mean, if I was paying less for a blemished model? Maybe. But this was a HUGE joke. I came home to find all three pieces tossed by my back door (on concrete). I’m returning the whole bundle. The price was only slightly cheaper than my local OSH, so I’ll take my money there.

And if it scratches this easy in transit? Imagine actual yard work!

Adequate but likely to rust sooner rather than later ~ reviewed by IMH

Amazon shipped the wheelbarrow tray and handles without any kind of packing or protection at all. Unsurprisingly, they arrived with scratches and dents. Tightening nuts during assembly removed more paint — it’s a thin layer and easily flakes off. So I’m expecting to see corrosion before too long.

The wheelbarrow was reasonably easy to assemble and is easy to use, but I’m going to need to paint or lacquer it myself.

I love it!!! ~ reviewed by Christine K. Cornett-McVay

I received this as one of my gifts for our 15th wedding anniversary from my ‘handsome and handy’ husband, Tony McVay. Call me a freaky mountain hillbilly, but I prefer garden tools over appliances any day of the week. My husband is a general contractor so he knew what to look for in a quality item. The True Temper Total Control is easy for me to grip and lift. I’m very petite, so I needed something sturdy yet easy to lift and move. This wheelbarrow moves along smoothly and is perfect for use in my rocky flower garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The tire is tough and travels well over our very rough, but beautiful, mountain land where one must use a pick axe to dig even a shallow hole in the ground. I can grip the handles of this wheelbarrow and know that they’ll stay firmly in place with the heavy duty bolts that holds it all together. This is not a cheaply made product and will work well for use in flower or vegetable gardens.
Chrissy K. McVay

Ames True Temper 2398200 Water Genie Hose Reel With 40-Foot Hose

Great wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by M. Bass

I received this a couple of months ago and so far I love it. It’s sturdy (made almost entirely of metal – no wood), and can haul a good load of whatever you need to haul. It’s easy to assemble, and the ergonomic handles make it easier to use than regular wheelbarrows. Absolutely no complaints.

Good Wheelbarrow with nice handles – Better packaging would earn it 5 Stars. ~ reviewed by P. Pryor

Good Value in a Metal Wheelbarrow.
1. Fairly easy to put together and all small parts came in a box; barrow and handles separate w/o protection.
2. You need a 1/2″ wrench and a screwdriver for the carriage bolts and you are good to go.
3. An assembly video is noted in the directions but I couldn’t get to it.
3. There are a few plastic parts including the handles and a couple shims – rest is metal.
4. I consider it a good weight for homeowner use; not for contracting.
5. The handles are comfortable and very helpful in controlling the dumping process.
6. The barrow had two small dents and lots of small scratches when delivered as others have noted.

Wheelbarrow capacity good, handles work well both for moving and for … ~ reviewed by tole painter

Wheelbarrow capacity good, handles work well both for moving and for emptying load, PACKING (or lack thereof) was LOUSY. Tray came with big dent in corner, but like rest of customers, I let it go since I’m going to give it rough workouts.Buy it at Amazon

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True Temper KPWB10 Real Tools For Kids Lil’ Wheelbarrow With Poly Tray (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 136 customer reviews

Product Description

KPWB10 Features: -Wheelbarrows. -Great for kids to help out in the yard. -Wood handles. -Red plastic tray. Product Type: -Wheelbarrow. Bucket Material: -Plastic. Number of Wheels: -1. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -33 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -17 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -16 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -11.2 Pounds.

From the Manufacturer

The Ames True Temper KPWB10 Real Tools For Kids Lil’ Wheelbarrow is a junior size wheelbarrow with man-size features. Red poly tray with steel front tray braces and steel cross brace for added stability. Sturdy steel legs, red poly wheel, steel axle and ball bearings, solid rubber tire. 31-inch hardwood handles. Assembled size: 33-by-17-by-15-3/4-inches.

Customer Reviews

Doesn’t last for kids who do real work ~ reviewed by Heather Doane

My son got this for his 4th or 5th birthday because he’d outgrown his little Radio Flyer barrow. He LOVED its big carrying capacity and great maneuverability… until the plastic bin cracked (from loading rocks into it). We repaired it with duct tape, but it continued to crack with heavy loads (despite additional duct tape). The problem is this wheel barrow is the perfect size for younger kids who want to participate in serious work, but the plastic body just doesn’t hold up. It was done for in about a year – eventually the axel pin even self destructed. Again, this product is great for a kids who’re just playing around, but for a kid who wants to carry a real load, don’t expect it to last forever. If it had a metal bin I’d give it 10 stars, hands down. I’ve been trying to find a metal wheel barrow this size, or slightly bigger ever since with no success.

Acceptable, but mediocre quality and durability ~ reviewed by John Brown

This wheelbarrow is among the larger of the childrens’ wheelbarrows on offer at Amazon, and thus size wise is perhaps the most appropriate one for ‘bigger’ kids (4+) who want to help dad or mom out with yard work. It is usable, and my 3 year old son adores it.

That being said, the quality of the product is quite mediocre.

Starting from the bottom: the wheel is of OKAY quality, solid rubber and quite heavy; the interior is hard plastic though and might not stand up to much abuse. The axle is, surprisingly, not a solid steel pin, but a hollow one. It is held to the handles by fairly low-quality plastic cups which are screwed on with very brittle, cheapo screws (they strip very easily).

Surprisingly, what other reviewers have said is true: the cross-brace which holds the metal feet apart has the holes drilled in the wrong place: you simply cannot attach it to the cart’s metal feet as-is. I had to drill two new metal holes more than an inch inward, one on each side. This is VERY difficult to do without a drill press, since we are talking quarter-inch steel. I burned out a cheapo drill bit on my hand drill doing it. The wheelbarrow will be extremely rickety and unstable without redrilling those holes to enable attaching the cross-brace.

The handles are real wood of reasonable quality, though the finish on them is poor. Finally, the bucket is of pretty good poly plastic; it can take some weight and is not brittle.

Overall, it’s neither durable enough to make a good toy, nor durable enough to make a great tool. But it’s a mediocre if enjoyable toy/tool for a kid 3 and over. From what I hear, if you want something of reasonable durability and quality, the Radio Flyer is the way to go. But it’s too small for bigger kids or little helpers.

Good size for a 2 year old. ~ reviewed by R. Jensen

My 2 year old loves having his own wheelbarrow. It is pretty sturdy, yet not too heavy for a little one to push around. I am glad the “barrow” is made from plastic (hard plastic). The handles and the wheel are just like the ones on a large/real wheelbarrow. I do wish the wood handles were a little thicker, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying this product again.

great wheel barrel for kids between 2-8 and maybe older ~ reviewed by Matthew Huey

This wheel barrel is awesome perfect for all three of my kids ages 2,4,6 my oldest boy won it at the Lowes coloring contest all of them are very excited to help daddy work in the yard now!!!! Well made has not fallen apart with my three boys playing and ruff housing on it

-update 4-30-15 a month later and a whole lot of loads and laughter and the wheel barrel still looks like new!!!

Very Sturdy and Just the Right Size ~ reviewed by thatgoyl

I bought this as a birthday gift for a six year old boy – who is very hard on his toys. When asked how it was working out he said “It hasn’t even broke one bit”. Mom says the tub is a nice size for actual yard work while being very manageable to for the six year old. I definitely recommend.

great toy for pretend play and gross motor ~ reviewed by chriswife

I got this last summer for my son who was almost 3. He still LOVES it! It was half the price at a big box home improvement store. twenty five dollars or so. But it’s been a GREAT toy for pretend play, gross motor, and helping mommy and daddy. I even squeezed the plastic part with my car! And it didn’t crack. I almost bought a $40 Fisher Price toy…this is way better…anything and everything goes in and out of it – water, rocks, sticks, dirt, mulch (eek), rocks. My son has done a great job of really teaching himself how to maneuver this around.

tough and well made ~ reviewed by A. Trant

We have 2 boys that have used this little wheelbarrow well for a little over a year now. They love it and use it all the time – and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear or breaking down. very sturdy and no frustration with it flipping over or anything like that. We do keep it in the garage out of the weather. I have seen this same wheelbarrow sold at Lowe’s, too.

*Update – we have now had this wheelbarrow for more than 3 years with three boys using it and it is going strong – not a single problem!

Poor quality, poor design and problems with assembly ~ reviewed by Bernadette Franz

Poor quality. Assembly was not easy since pieces provided were defective. We needed to find screws to replace the ones provided because they were defective or too small. The wheel has already fallen off twice and my grandson has had this less than a week.

Great preschooler wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by RM

We got this for my 4 year old son for Christmas, and he loves it. It’s the perfect size for him (he’s 41″ tall), and the tray is large enough to hold alot–on Christmas morning it was full of used wrapping paper, now he takes it on walks around the neighborhood and fills it with leaves and pine needles. I’m very happy with this wheelbarrow.

very flimsy ~ reviewed by Leadon Fan

This wheelbarrow is very flimsy. We tried to use it outside and it was too tippy and hard to push because it feels unstable.

Now our kids use it inside only to haul stuffed animals and marbles around the house.Buy it at Amazon

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United General WH89679 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow, 4 Cubic-Feet Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Top quality wheelbarows at a great price. United General produces contractor grade products that also perform for the homeowner and gardener.

Customer Reviews

United General WH89679 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by John L. Bowen

The wheelbarrow itself is great. It will probably last forever. However, it was delivered in loose pieces. The only thing that was in a box was the tire and the assembly hardware. I am simply amazed that UPS was able to keep all the pieces together. No instructions of any kind were included. I didn’t even have a picture of how the thing was supposed to look. So, the assembly was trial and error. It probably took me an hour or more than it should have to put the thing together. Someone less mechanically inclined than I probably would have thrown up their hands in disbelief. Aside from that, it is a great wheelbarrow and I am glad I bought it.

Very nice for the money ~ reviewed by James R Stewart

Very well made except the holes for assembly do not line up well. That made it hard to put together so I knocked off a star.

Assembly instructions would have been nice, but I managed to put together and I am glad I did not return it. ~ reviewed by Happy Husband

Just right for a amateur gardener. Main use for the product is to transport compost , dirt , etc. to various parts of yard and garden.
Only problem was no assembly instructions ; but found very similar instructions on line for True Temper brand wheel barrow. Downloaded instructions and I had no problem putting wheelbarrow together.

This product is ok for the money ~ reviewed by Sheldon Jacobson

no instructions were provided for assembly which resulted in more time to assemble – not good. Need instructions to assemble which would ease the situation

United General makes a good strong wheelbarrow at a good price ~ reviewed by Christopher J. Cowen

United General Wheelbarow is a very good wheelbarrow that can a haul a great deal. I needed a wheelbarrow to take the leaves I raked to the back of my property and this wheelbarrow did the job. My only issue with this wheelbarrow is that I have had re-inflate the tire a few times. But other than the tire issue this wheelbarrow has been great. The red paint on the wheelbarrow has held up to the abuse I have put it through and the wood and metal frame is intact. This wheelbarrow has been made my yardwork much easier. I would definitely recommend this wheelbarrow. I am glad I have this product and would definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you for reading my review.

Well, it’s a wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Reggie Bell

I hate to ding the product for Amazon’s short comings, but I am going to in this case. My “Prime” guaranteed delivery of two days took almost two weeks. Granted, this doesn’t happen often. But when it does there is very little recourse or after action on Amazon’s part.

It would have been nice if the product came with instructions, but I had absolutely no trouble putting it together from a picture.

Great for price ~ reviewed by Michelle Burke

Great for price. I have been using to move loads that weigh up to 100 pounds without fail. I wouldn’t recommend using for masonry or other sediments of equal density. The directions are vague, but relatively unnecessary for the basic assembly of this item.

The WORST assembly directions ever ~ reviewed by chris powers

Great product, the absolute WORST directions for assembly, no instructions, pictures of pieces very small, parts not numbered, bolts close in size placement of them NOT interchangeable

This wheelbarrow was a huge disappointment. The assembly instructions were inadequate (a parts diagram … ~ reviewed by William P Johnson

This wheelbarrow was a huge disappointment. The assembly instructions were inadequate (a parts diagram with lines), and when I assembled it using the pre-drilled holes, there wasn’t clearance for the wheel. I had to pull the tub off, mount the wheel, and drill new holes in order to attach the tub. The screws have such shallow slots it is difficult to tighten them, and the overall construction is flimsy.

Affordable and Adequate ~ reviewed by Star Child

When I purchased this product, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a wheel barrow and I don’t use one that often. I read a prior review where a comment was made about the number of pieces that arrived in their order. I didn’t have a problem with that. The wooden poles came together, the tub and a box with all the hardware. I was pleased that the tire came already inflated. One less issue to deal with. It does take a little time to understand which screws to use when assembling. The instructions are simple but vague. For moving dirt, this is more than adequate. I wouldn’t recommend moving heavier materials like brick or stone becasue the tub is of flexible plastic construction. For the price, it was well worth it. I can’t complain about the delayed delivery because of the weather. Many things were affected by that included UPS and USPS. I would recommend this product.Buy it at Amazon

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Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow with Airless Tires, 6-Feet Reviews

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3.4 out of 5 stars based on 15 customer reviews

Product Description

The 6-cubic foot Big-4 Wheeler wheelbarrow is designed for both home-use and commercial and agricultural use. The rugged container permits objects to transport easily using only your finger-tips. No need to lift and risk back injury. The tires are high-quality airless, which won’t go flat and are more durable than pneumatic tires. Also, the stable four-wheeled chassis permits easy non-spill transport of liquids and “near” liquids, such as cement, with no fear of spills caused by an unstable single or dual wheel load that is dependent upon lifting and balancing for movement. The suspension is designed to accommodate weights that otherwise may not be lifted or moved via conventional one and two-wheeled wheelbarrows. Eliminates stress on shoulders, arms, legs and back because the worker only pushes as opposed to lifting while pushing. The Big 4 Wheeler is exceptional for use in “green” construction and/or maintenance zones where gasses and/or black dust created from gasoline and electric vehicles are unacceptable.

Customer Reviews

After a week of cold weather using it to bring in firewood it is cracking and will be useless very soon ~ reviewed by John in WV

This thing was way to hard to put together. I thought it would at least be durable. After a week of cold weather using it to bring in firewood it is cracking and will be useless very soon. Holes in the thing every where. DO NOT BUY. Piece of junk. I had a cheap Scotts cart for years that worked 100% better. They do not make it anymore. It is easy to push , but if it has holes in it what good is it.

Very poor quality tires. ~ reviewed by LUPE CARNEY

I have had this wheelbarrow for five months. During that time I have used it for a couple of small projects and it works as expected, except for the tires. The rubber is actually rotting. I have had two flats. It needs new tires already. (My 20 year old wheelbarrow has the original tire that still holds air.)

i was deeply disappointed in the quality of materials ~ reviewed by Cary Ard

Junk. Tray started cracking the first day I used it. i was deeply disappointed in the quality of materials. whats worse is the company has NO customer service. TERRIBLE PRODUCT. AWFUL COMPANY. don’t waste your money on the Big Junk 4 wheeler. i have tried calling, emailing, and other electronic means if contacting the company. They don’t respond.

Dump the Tube Tires for Airless !!!! ~ reviewed by Rick Smith

Had this for 3 months and have replaced all 4 tube tires with airless tires because of heavy loads (tree logs – firewood). For the price paid they should dump the tube tires and go airless as a STD feature.

Only one complaint with this product ~ reviewed by Lynda Morgan

My only complaint is that the handles are too low for a push wheelbarrow. They should have been higher with a cross bar to hold onto and push, like grocery cart handles. I would recommend this product.

Updated! again customer service was excellant ~ reviewed by Diancatzdogz

Update 10/8/2013– I contacted the company about the tire blow out I have and they sent me replacement tires very quickly. I have brand new tires within a week. That is great customer service so I gave the stars back that I took away before.

Update 10/3/2013– I took away some stars because the tires are plastic garbage, it was not used heavily but since April the tires have split, I would not buy this barrow again, if it doesn’t have tires it is useless. For what I paid it should have tires that would last more than a couple of months.

It is easier because it can more easily be balanced than a regular wheelbarrow. It is made pretty sturdy and should be able to haul heavy loads, we did haul some heavy loads of dirt, it is kind of hard to push if it is loaded because of the weight. I don’t like the plastic tub and would much rather have had a steel tub, I am afraid that the tub will crack if we would put stones in it or if it would be cold and try to use it for something.
It was fairly easy to put together, the directions were pretty good, we did have some confusion in a few places but were able to figure it out.

No Handles ~ reviewed by David M. Loper

I opened the box to put my wheelbarrow together and there were no handles. I don’t believe I have to buy handles for it separatly.



This is a very sturdy wheel barrel. My only concern is it is a little heavy. But I think with the two wheels it will be ok.

not bad ~ reviewed by I. Olson

Stable and works fairly well. The materials could be better. The tires and handles are mediocre in quality but serviceable.Buy it at Amazon

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Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer – 12 Volt, 9-Gallon Capacity Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 45 customer reviews

Product Description

This Master Gardener rechargeable cart sprayer is a versatile multi-use sprayer that offers a spray width of up to 50in. with its front mounted broadcast nozzle. This powerful sprayer delivers up to a 15-ft. vertical and a 20-ft. horizontal spray with 18in. handgun. Rolls on heavy-duty 12in. wheels and can be pushed, pulled or attached to a tractor or ATV/UTV with the included hitch. Works as a spot or broadcast sprayer and is glyphosate compatible; also ideal for fertilizer or deicing sidewalks in winter. Includes a rechargeable 12V battery that provides 2 hour runtime, along with a 9-gallon chemical resistant tank and 1 GPM pump with Viton?« seals. Total dimensions are 24in.L x 19in.W x 24in.H.

Customer Reviews

Heavy duty ~ reviewed by TRH

This sprayer replaced my backpack sprayer. It is a major improvement in the delivery of weed killer, the long hose and strong spray gives you a large radius of spraying without moving the cart. It is extremely well built and should be able to absorb hard use. Only minor assembly was required, I had it ready to go in about 20 minutes. The large neck allows easy filling and makes cleaning easy. It pulls fairly easy through the heavy sand in my yard. It was slighly damaged during shipment, I brought it to the attention of the shipper by e-mail and in two days they replaced the original unit. Factory service is top drawer!

This cart sprayer is great ~ reviewed by Wachiwi Kelley

This sprayer is a great invention, I have 14 acres that I have to spray for weeds. It works great.

Bait and switch on item shipped! ~ reviewed by Mel West

Sprayer in videos and photos on website had Chrome spoked wheels with rubber tires! Even the color photos on the box it was shipped in had the chrome wheels and real rubber tires! The tires and wheels on sprayer were cheap plastic including the tires! A major downgrade in looks and quality especially when pulling plastic flat tires through gravel. We just tried to use sprayer for first time today, as soon as we engaged the wand our expensive Roundup starting leaking from the back of the unit where all the hoses connect! Very dissatisfied at this point. Will call manufacturer or Amazon on Monday.

Nice sprayer, except for the cheap parts ~ reviewed by grscott

The sprayer itself is good, sprays a long time on one charge. Pump is good and the nozzle pattern is okay. The components are not so great. After one use, the wand handle cracked on the inside so was unusable besides spraying chemical everywhere (including on me). The company replaced it quickly so cudos to them! The curly hose is stiff and awful. I cut and spliced a better and longer hose into it, which works well. This is one of those things that the manufacturer should put better quality components into it and charge a tiny bit more. Then they’d have a great product and get no complaints from their customers.

Excellent product! ~ reviewed by 7sunday

Such an improvement over hand pump units. Great ease of use saving time with good capacity requiring no stop for refilling.

Poor Quality ~ reviewed by H T D

I have used this sprayer two times. After the first time, the company replaced the pump because it failed to work again. The new pump lasted for one use – now, it is “dead” again. I will not attempt to repair – just trash for that is what it is!!!

Love my sprayer! ~ reviewed by Richard L. Jackson

A truly great product, but criticisms of the short, stiff hose are definitely well-founded. I went to a hardware store, as others have done, and purchased materials to upgrade it myself. First time I used it I sprayed 3 full tanks of crabgrass killer and it was still pumping strong. My only other criticism is that the directions that were included were pitiful – really inadequate. I would still definitely recommend this product to a friend.

Could be improved ~ reviewed by J.P.Delgado, MD

Had this sprayer for several months now and it works relatively well. There are however several point I would like to make that could improve the item: the fill markings could be made more visible – the outlet drain, at the front of the sprayer is placed too high and allows a residue of liquid to remain in the tank. – the hose is too stiff and does not extend to the claimed length. The good points : sprayer head/handle works very well… battery charge lasts long enough for a couple of runs…

Great Sprayer ~ reviewed by J~

Sprayer was easy to assemble. Works great for spraying herbicide for larger areas. I was using a hose end sprayer to spray the weeds along our road and bought this so I didn’t have to drag the hose around. It’s fairly maneuverable even when full. The valve to the front nozzle for pulling the sprayer with an ATV did start leaking the first time I used it. I called the seller and they got the replacement sent without any problems.


Everything was fine until a wheel fell off on the first run. I discovered that one shaft was about 1/2 an inch short. So while I am re-ordering this product, I would suggest that you make sure the shaft is sticking out of each bolt holding the wheel in place the same amount. I’ll update when I receive the replacement.

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